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Why Did Disney Ban Stroller Wagons?

by Blake Lawrence
Why Did Disney Ban Stroller Wagons

Stroller Wars: Disney’s Bold Move to Ban Wagon Strollers

In March 2018, Disney made a bold move that left many parents scratching their heads—they announced a ban on all stroller wagons.

The decision has made waves among the parenting community, with some people pointing out the convenience of these strollers while others applaud Disney’s decision.

So why did they do it?

Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this controversial move.

Navigation Challenges

The first factor behind Disney’s decision was navigation challenges.

Since most stroller wagons are larger than traditional strollers, they can make navigating through tight spaces difficult.

This is especially true in crowded areas such as theme parks where space is limited and often congested with people.

As a result, large wagon strollers can block pathways and disrupt traffic flow.

This makes it difficult for guests to get around quickly and enjoy their experience without disruptions caused by oversized strollers.

Safety Concerns

Another reason why Disney decided to ban wagon strollers was due to safety concerns.

With their expanded size, these strollers can be more difficult to maneuver than traditional ones, which can create hazardous conditions for both children and other parkgoers.

There have also been reports of children falling out of wagon-style strollers while going down hills and other inclines, which underscores the need for additional safety measures when using them in crowded areas like theme parks.

Furthermore, since most wagon-style strollers feature two rows of seating rather than one, there is an increased risk that children could be injured if they are not properly secured in the seat or if they attempt to stand up while the stroller is in motion.


All in all, Disney’s decision to ban wagon-style strollers from its parks was both practical and necessary.

The large size of these types of strollers makes it difficult for guests to navigate through tight spaces, and there are also potential safety risks associated with them as well.

While some parents may disagree with this decision, ultimately it was done in an effort to ensure that everyone visiting the park has an enjoyable experience without any unnecessary risks or inconveniences caused by large wagons taking up too much space or posing safety hazards for parkgoers.

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