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Why Are Stroller Wagons Not Allowed At Disney?

by Blake Lawrence
Why Are Stroller Wagons Not Allowed At Disney

Have you ever heard of a stroller wagon and thought, “What a great idea for my family’s next Disney trip!”

Well, you might want to think again.

While it may seem like a perfect solution to carrying all your stuff around the park, the answer to why stroller wagons are not allowed at Disney is found in their safety policy.

A Closer Look at Safety Regulations

The safety regulations set forth by Walt Disney World state that any wheeled vehicle that can hold an infant or child must be considered and treated as an actual stroller.

This means that when these wheeled vehicles enter certain attractions, they must be parked outside of it just like regular strollers or other non-wheeled transportation devices.

That’s why stroller wagons are not allowed at Disney—they don’t meet the criteria for proper device transportation within certain attractions and rides.

Furthermore, even though these wheeled devices can carry several items, they still need to adhere to size guidelines established by Disney.

Any device used for transporting infants or children must measure no more than 36″ wide x 52″ long (92 cm x 132 cm).

Therefore, if your stroller wagon is larger than this size, then it is not allowed in the park either!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, safety always comes first when visiting Walt Disney World.

While it is understandable why people would want to use a stroller wagon due to its convenience and versatility – its size does not meet the standards set by WDW for such devices.

Therefore, if you plan on bringing one with you during your trip – you’ll have to leave it outside of certain attractions and rides.


If you’re looking for an easy way to transport all your items while visiting WDW – make sure you read up on their safety regulations before purchasing any wheeled vehicle!

While stroller wagons are often convenient and versatile, they are unfortunately not allowed at Disney due to their size requirements.

So don’t let your dream of having a magical family vacation get derailed by not knowing this important detail!

Instead make sure you read up on all safety policies so that you have a stress-free time while visiting Walt Disney World!

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