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Which Johnson Baby Cologne Smells Best?

by Wendy Sharp
Which Johnson Baby Cologne Smells Best

Johnson Baby Cologne – Smell the Difference!

Whether you’re a parent looking for the perfect cologne for your little one or just want to smell sweet like a baby, Johnson Baby Cologne is here to help.

Johnson has been in the baby business since 1885 and they have perfected their cologne over the years, making it a top choice for parents all over the world.

Let’s explore which Johnson Baby Cologne smells best!

Johnson’s Soft & Fresh Baby Cologne

If you’re looking for a classic, go-to scent that will never go out of style, this is it.

Soft & Fresh is an easy-to-wear fragrance with light floral and citrusy notes that are sure to please both parents and kids alike.

It’s also hypoallergenic and made with natural oils so you know your little one is safe from any harsh chemicals.

Johnson’s Calming Baby Cologne

For those days when your little one needs some extra soothing, Calming Baby Cologne has got you covered.

This light lavender scent helps relax and calm little ones while still providing them with a fresh aroma.

It also contains chamomile extract to help promote peacefulness in even the most chaotic of households.

Johnson’s Gentle Breeze Baby Cologne

If your kiddo loves spending time outdoors, then Gentle Breeze will be right up their alley.

This cologne offers a cool breeze scent combined with light floral notes that is sure to keep them smelling fresh after a day spent playing in the sun.

Plus, it contains Vitamin E to help nourish young skin so your tyke can feel good inside and out!


No matter which Johnson Baby Cologne you choose, you can rest assured knowing that they are all made with ingredients that are gentle on delicate skin and hair.

All of these fragrances offer something unique so there’s sure to be something to please every taste bud!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for some sweet smelling babies today!

With so many colognes on the market for your baby, it can be a tough decision to choose the best one!

But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Click the button below to see our list of the top rated baby colognes so you can pick the perfect scent for your little one!

We know your decision will be made much easier once you take a look at what’s available and get a sense of all the great options that are out there.

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