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Where To Put Baby Gates?

by Blake Lawrence
Where To Put Baby Gates

The Do’s and Don’ts of Baby Gate Placement

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child has a safe home environment.

But with all the nooks and crannies in your home, it can be hard to make sure that your little one is safe from harm at all times.

That’s why baby gates are such an essential tool for keeping your kids secure in the places around your house where they should be.

But before you go out and buy a baby gate, there are some things to consider about where to place them.

Do: Put Baby Gates at the Top of Stairs

When it comes to safety, staircases should be your number one priority. If you have stairs in your home, then making sure they are gated off is paramount.

It’s recommended that you put baby gates at the top and bottom of any staircase in order to keep your child away from potential hazards on both levels.

You also want to make sure that the gates themselves are properly installed so that there is no chance of them coming loose or being easily pushed over by an energetic toddler.

Don’t: Put Baby Gates in Doorways

This might seem like a good idea—after all, doorways are areas where children shouldn’t wander into unsupervised—but it’s really not advisable.

Not only do baby gates take up valuable space in doorways, but they can also be hazardous if placed too close to door handles or knobs as toddlers could get their fingers pinched or worse.

For this reason, it’s best to leave doorways free of any kind of barrier and instead use other methods such as locks or doorknob covers for extra security measures.

Do: Put Baby Gates Around Dangerous Areas

If you have areas in your home that contain items that could potentially cause harm (such as electrical outlets or sharp edges), then using a baby gate is a great way to limit access to those areas from curious toddlers who want explore everywhere they can!

Just make sure the gate itself is securely installed, so there is no risk of it falling down when bumped into by an excited child.

You may even want to consider using multiple gates depending on how large the area is and how many points of entry there are into said area.


Baby gates can help create a safe environment for young children while still giving them freedom within certain boundaries.

When deciding where exactly these boundaries should be established though, just remember the do’s and don’ts above – top of stairs yes; doorways no; dangerous areas yes – and you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that your little one will be kept safe from any potential hazards!

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