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When To Start Using Lotion On Baby?

by Vanessa Foster
When To Start Using Lotion On Baby

Get Ready to Lotion Up, Baby!

Do you ever find yourself wondering when it is appropriate to start using lotion on a baby?

Well, wonder no more!

The answer is sooner rather than later.

Babies’ skin can be delicate and prone to dryness and irritation, so the sooner you start a good moisturizing routine, the better.

But before you go slathering your baby in lotion, here are a few things you’ll want to know about when and how to use lotion on babies.

Why Lotions Matter for Newborns

Babies have very thin skin that can become easily irritated by things like cold weather and excessive baths.

This can lead to dry patches of skin that may cause discomfort.

Lotions help keep this from happening by providing a protective barrier between their skin and the elements.

Lotions also help nourish the skin and provide essential moisture needed for healthy development.

In addition, many lotions contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera or chamomile which can act as anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce redness and rashes.

When to Start Applying Lotion on Baby

It is recommended that you start applying lotion on your baby shortly after they are born.

You will want to avoid using any products with fragrances or harsh chemicals at this stage as they could irritate your baby’s sensitive skin even further.

Look for hypoallergenic options that are specifically labeled for babies or newborns – these should be free of perfumes or dyes that could cause an allergic reaction or irritation.

You may also want to consider using an organic option if possible as these will typically use fewer additives which could be beneficial for your baby’s delicate skin.

How Often Should I Apply Lotion?

How often you apply lotion will depend on several factors including your baby’s age, environmental conditions (like temperature), and whether or not they have had any baths recently.

Generally speaking, it is best practice to apply lotion after every bath followed by another application at nighttime before bedtime – unless otherwise directed by a doctor or pediatrician in cases of extreme dryness or eczema flare-ups.

Additionally, during cold winter months you may want to increase applications of lotion throughout the day in order to protect against windburn or other forms of weather-related irritation.


Taking good care of your baby’s skin starts with properly moisturizing it with quality products formulated specifically for them!

When starting out with lotion on infants, look for something hypoallergenic and free from perfumes and dyes – then apply liberally after baths as well as before bedtime (especially during cold winter months).

With proper care and attention, your little one’s sensitive skin will stay healthy, happy, and hydrated!

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