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When Do You Start Using a High Chair? | Expert Advice

by Wendy Sharp
When Do You Start Using a High Chair? | Expert Advice

To High Chair or Not to High Chair, That is the Question

Ah, the age-old question: when to start using a high chair?

If you’re a first-time parent, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Do you really need a high chair? Can’t you just prop your baby up in their regular chair?

And what’s with all the different types of high chairs out there?

Relax, we’ve got you covered. Read on for everything you need to know about when to start using a high chair.

Why Use a High Chair?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider using a high chair.

First of all, high chairs are designed to be sturdy and stable, which is important when you’re dealing with an uncoordinated little one who is just learning how to eat solid foods.

Regular chairs can tipping over easily, but high chairs have a wide base that helps prevent them from tipping.

Another reason to use a high chair is that they help keep your baby safe while they’re eating.

When your baby is in a high chair, they’re less likely to fall out of their chair or pull their food off the table and onto the floor (which means less mess for you to clean up!).

And if you have a particularly rambunctious eater, some high chairs even come with straps that can help keep your little one secured in their seat.

Finally, many parents find that using a high chair helps make mealtime a more enjoyable experience for both them and their baby.

When your baby is at eye level with the rest of the family, it’s easier for them to interact and engage with everyone at the table.

Plus, it’s just plain cute to watch your little one chow down in their very own miniature chair!

When Do You Start Using a High Chair?

The answer to this question is actually pretty simple…it depends on your baby’s development and eating habits.

Most babies are ready to start using a high chair around 4-6 months old. However, some may be ready earlier and some may not be ready until later.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining if your baby is ready for a high chair:

· Can they sit up unassisted? If your baby can’t sit up on their own, then they’re probably not ready for a high chair.

· Are they eating solid food? If your baby is still exclusively breastfeeding or on formula, then they’re not ready for a high chair.

· Do they have good head control? If your baby’s head wobbles when they sit up, then they’re probably not ready for a high chair.

· Can they pick up small objects? If your baby can’t pick up small objects like Cheerios or pieces of fruit, then they may not be able to eat from a high chair tray.

If you’re still not sure if your baby is ready for a high chair, talk to their pediatrician. They will be able to give you specific guidance based on your child’s individual development.


So, when do babies sit in a high chair? Around 6 months old, give or take.

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