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When Can My Toddler Use A Pillow?

by Vanessa Foster
When Can My Toddler Use A Pillow

When is the Right Time for Pillow Talk?

Ah, pillows.

Those fluffy, inviting soft spots that we love to rest our heads on after a long day.

But when it comes to our little ones, when is the right time for them to start using a pillow?

Well, if you’ve been asking yourself this question and haven’t found an answer just yet, don’t worry—you’re not alone!

Let’s delve into the world of pillows (for toddlers) and figure out when they should start snuggling up with one.

When it comes to your toddler and pillows, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends waiting until your child reaches 18 months old before introducing a pillow.

Before then, crib bumpers and blankets are not recommended because they can increase the risk of suffocation or SIDS.

If a pillow is introduced too soon, it could cause similar issues due to your child’s inability to move around in their sleep or adjust themselves as needed.

In addition to age-appropriateness, it’s important to also consider safety and comfort when selecting a pillow for your toddler.

Choose one that is specifically designed for toddlers; avoid ones that are too thick or firm as these could lead to neck pain or other discomforts during sleep.

Furthermore, make sure there are no loose threads or filling materials that may be hazardous if ingested or inhaled by your child—this means avoiding feather pillows altogether!

Look for organic materials such as cotton-filled pillows which will be softer and more comfortable while still providing enough support for your little one’s head.

It may take some trial and error before you find the perfect pillow for your toddler; however, once you do you can expect improved sleep quality overall since their neck will be supported correctly throughout the night.

And let’s not forget about all those cuddle sessions!

You can also look forward to plenty of bonding time between you and your little one as they get used to their new bedtime companion.


When it comes down to it, introducing a pillow isn’t something you want rush into—especially not with babies or toddlers involved!

Wait until they reach 18 months old at least before introducing any kind of bedding item like a pillow so that you can ensure their safety while sleeping.

Keep in mind comfortability level when selecting a pillow; opt for organic material such as cotton fillings which will provide enough support without being too thick or firm against their tiny heads at night.

With proper precautions taken into consideration prior to purchase and use, having a pillow should prove beneficial in terms of improved sleep quality overall while providing plenty of cuddly moments between parent & toddler alike!

If you need a little help finding the perfect pillow for your toddler, we can make it easier for you!

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