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When and How Often to Oil Your Baby’s Hair

by Wendy Sharp
When and How Often to Oil Your Baby's Hair

If you have a baby with hair, you might be wondering when and how often to oil their hair.

While it’s not required, some parents find that oiling their baby’s hair helps keep it healthy and soft.

In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on when and how to oil your baby’s hair.

When to Oil Your Baby’s Hair

The best time to oil your baby’s hair is before bath time. This gives the oil a chance to work its way into the hair shaft and scalp, providing moisture and nutrients.

How Often to Oil Your Baby’s Hair

How often you should oil your baby’s hair depends on a few factors, including the type of oil you’re using, your baby’s age, and how often they are washing their hair.

If you’re using a light oil, such as coconut oil, you can probably get away with applying it once or twice a week.

If you’re using a heavier oil, such as olive oil, you may only need to apply it once every two weeks.

As for your baby’s age, if they are under six months old, you can probably get away with not oiling their hair at all.

After six months, you can start to introduce oils into their hair care routine.

And finally, if your baby is washing their hair every day, you may need to oil their hair more often than if they are only washing it once or twice a week.


Oiling your baby’s hair is a personal choice, but many parents find that it helps keep their child’s hair healthy and soft.

If you decide to oil your baby’s hair, be sure to do so before bath time and start with once a week. You can always increase the frequency as needed.

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