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What To Put In A Diaper Caddy: The Ultimate Diaper Caddy Checklist

by Vanessa Foster
What To Put In A Diaper Caddy: The Ultimate Diaper Caddy Checklist

So, you’re a new parent, or maybe you’re about to be a new parent.

And you’ve probably heard all about diaper caddies.

You know, those handy little storage bins that make changing diapers on the go a breeze?

But what do you actually need to put in a diaper caddy?

The answer, of course, depends on what kind of parent you are.

Are you the type of parent who likes to be prepared for anything and everything?

Or are you more of a minimalist who just needs the essentials?

Regardless of your parenting style, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate diaper caddy checklist.

The Essentials:

– Diapers (duh)


– Changing pad

– Hand sanitizer

– Extra clothes

– Burp cloths

Diaper rash cream

– Pacifier-Toy/rattle

– Nasal aspirator-Bibs

– Hats

– Sunscreen

For the Prepared Parent:

– Extra diapers

– Wet bags for dirty clothes/diapers

– Travel size laundry detergent

– Snacks and drinks for both baby and parents

– Blanket-Change of clothes for baby AND parents (because accidents happen)

– First aid kit

For the Minimalist Parent:

– Diapers



No matter what your parenting style is, we hope this list has been helpful in figuring out what to put in your diaper caddy.

And remember, when it comes to parenting, there is no right or wrong way to do things—do whatever works for you and your family!

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