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What To Buy For A Gender Reveal Party

by Vanessa Foster
What To Buy For A Gender Reveal Party

A Gender Reveal Gift Guide for Your Throwing-est Friend

Your friend is throwing a gender reveal party and you want to get them the perfect gift.

Something that will show how much you support their decision to celebrate this momentous occasion with friends and family.

But what do you get someone who is about to find out the gender of their baby?

Is it appropriate to give a pink or blue onesie?

Do they really need another set of bottles or burp cloths?

How can you be sure your gift will stand out from all the other gifts they’re sure to receive?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with this gender reveal gift guide for your throwing-est friend.

From unique ways to announce the baby’s gender to fun games and activities for the party, we’ve got something for every budget.

So take a look and see which gift is right for your friend’s big day.

Unique Ways to Announce the Baby’s Gender

If your friend is looking for a unique way to announce the baby’s gender, there are plenty of options to choose from.

One popular option is to have a cake made with either pink or blue frosting inside.

Once they cut into the cake, everyone will be able to see what color the frosting is and know whether they’re having a boy or a girl.

Another fun option is to fill a balloon with either blue or pink confetti and then have your friend pop it when they’re ready to reveal the baby’s gender.

These are just a few ideas but there are plenty of other ways to announce the baby’s gender in a unique way.

Just be sure to check with your friend beforehand so you know what they’re looking for.

Fun Games and Activities for the Party

In addition to unique ways to announce the baby’s gender, there are also plenty of fun games and activities that can be done at the party.

One popular game is guessing the size of the mother-to-be’s belly.

Guests can put their guess down on paper and whoever comes closest gets a prize.

Another fun activity is decorating onesies or t-shirts for the baby using fabric markers or paint.

This activity is especially fun if you do it as part of a team building exercise at work or school.

And last but not least, everyone loves a good photo booth!

Set up a space at the party where guests can take photos with props like balloons, ribbon wands, and signs declaring

“It’s A _!” This will give everyone something fun to do while they wait for the big reveal.


There are so many great options when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your best friend’s gender reveal party.

Whether you’re looking for something unique to help them announce the baby’s gender or something fun for the guests to do at the party, we’ve got you covered.

So take a look at our guide and find the perfect gift for your friend’s special day.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for a gender reveal party, look no further than the top selection here!

No matter what your budget is, you’re sure to find something perfect for the occasion.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and start shopping!

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