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The Great Push Cart Debate: Are They Really That Bad?

by Blake Lawrence
The Great Push Cart Debate: Are They Really That Bad?

As a parent of a toddler, you’re constantly bombarded with choices.

What should they eat?

What should they wear?

Which activities are appropriate for their age and development?

It’s enough to make your head spin!

But one of the most controversial topics amongst parents of toddlers is the use of push carts.

Are they really as bad as people say?

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of push carts so that you can make an informed decision for your family.

The Pros of Push Carts

Push carts have several benefits for both parents and toddlers.

First and foremost, they allow parents to keep a close eye on their little ones while getting some much-needed exercise.

They’re also perfect forerrands like grocery shopping or visiting the park.

And let’s be honest, push carts are just plain convenient!

They make it easy to transport all of your child’s gear—from snacks and drinks to toys and diapers—so you never have to worry about being caught without something you need.

The Cons of Push Carts

Of course, push carts aren’t perfect.

For one thing, they can be expensive. good-quality push cart can set you back several hundred dollars.

Additionally, push carts can be bulky and difficult to manoeuvre, especially if you’re trying to navigate through a crowded place like a mall or amusement park.

And finally, some experts warn that overuse of push carts can lead to toddlers becoming too dependent on them, which could delay their walking milestone.


So what’s the verdict? Are push carts bad for toddlers?

The answer is… maybe. It really depends on each individual family’s situation.

If you think a push cart would be convenient and beneficial for your lifestyle, then go for it!

However, if you’re concerned about the cost or worried that your child will become too reliant on it, then you might want to hold off until they’re a bit older.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that you do what’s best for your family.

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