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Should Newborns Wear Mittens? The Debate is Heating Up!

by Wendy Sharp

When it comes to newborn babies, there are a lot of questions and debates about what’s best for them.

One of the most heated debates is whether or not newborns should wear mittens.

What should you do if your baby keeps scratching their face with their tiny little nails?

Does it really matter if they wear mittens or not?

Let’s take a look at this debate and see what all the fuss is about.

Mittens for Safety

The primary reason why many parents opt to put mittens on their newborns is safety.

Babies have tiny, delicate skin that can easily be scratched by their own sharp nails.

Scratches can lead to infections and other complications, so putting mittens on your baby can help protect them from any potential harm.

In addition, some parents worry that leaving baby’s nails unpainted could lead to them picking at their skin and causing even more damage.

Mittens for Comfort

On the other hand, some parents believe that wearing mittens can actually make babies feel uncomfortable.

Mittens can be restrictive, making it difficult for babies to move their hands and fingers freely.

This could limit development in this area as well as cause discomfort due to feeling restrained by the fabric of the mitten itself.

There are also those who argue that wearing mittens isn’t necessary since babies don’t have enough control over their hands yet to scratch themselves anyway.

Lastly, keeping your baby’s nails trimmed or using a file or emery board will help reduce any potential scratches without having to use mittens at all.

Trimming your baby’s nails regularly will also help prevent any accidental scratches when they reach an age where they become more active with their hands.


So should newborns wear mittens? Ultimately, this decision is up to you as a parent based on personal preference and comfort levels.

Many parents swear by them as a way to protect their children from accidental scratches while others find them restrictive and uncomfortable for the baby.

If you do decide to go with mittens, make sure they are made out of breathable fabric so that your little one can move freely without feeling constricted in any way!

Furthermore, consider trimming your baby’s nails as another option that might work better for both of you!

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