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Should I Get An Infant Or Convertible Car Seat?

by Blake Lawrence
Should I Get An Infant Or Convertible Car Seat?

Infant vs. Convertible Car Seats: Which is Best for Your Little One?

When it comes to car seats, there are two main categories that parents have to choose from: infant car seats and convertible car seats.

But which one is best for your little one?

Let’s break down the pros and cons of each type of car seat so that you can make an informed decision about which is right for you and your family.

Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats are typically used for newborns up to about a year old, depending on the size and weight restrictions listed in the manual.

The biggest advantage of this type of seat is that it allows you to easily move your baby from the car to carrier without having to wake them up or take them out of the seat.

This makes it much easier on parents who need to transfer their baby from place to place.

Another great benefit of infant car seats is that they provide extra protection for smaller babies compared to convertible models.

The padding around the seat also helps keep your baby comfortable and secure during long trips in the car.

The downside is that infant car seats can be bulky, making them difficult to fit into smaller vehicles or if you need three passengers in a row in the backseat.

Convertible Car Seats

Convertible models are designed for children between nine months old and eight years old (again, depending on size/weight limits listed in the manual).

These seats transition with your child as they grow, allowing you to use them until they’re ready for a booster seat.

Convertible models usually have adjustable headrests and reclining capabilities, which can make long rides more comfortable for your child while also providing additional safety features (like side impact protection) than traditional infant models.

The downside of convertible models is that they tend to be heavier than infant models, making it harder for parents who want an easy way to transport their child from place to place without taking them out of their seat.

They can also be more expensive than infant models because most brands offer various features like adjustable headrests or reclining capabilities as standard features on their convertible models whereas these features may require additional purchase with some infant models.


When choosing between an infant or convertible model, consider factors such as ease-of-use and comfort level for both you and your child when transporting them from place-to-place as well as safety features offered by either model before making a final decision.

Ultimately, whichever model works best for you and your family’s needs should be the deciding factor when selecting an appropriate car seat!

Today’s convertible car seats are safe, comfortable, and easy to install.

Whether you’re looking for a seat that will grow with your child or one that’s specifically designed for infants, there’s a great option out there for you.

And we’ve compiled a list of the five best convertible car seats on the market, so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your family.

Just click the button below to check out our list.

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