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How To Transition From Spoon Feeding to Baby Led Weaning

by Wendy Sharp
How To Transition From Spoon Feeding to Baby Led Weaning

The Adventure of Baby Led Weaning

Are you ready for your baby to get their first taste of solid food?

If so, then you may be considering transitioning from spoon feeding to baby led weaning.

But what is baby led weaning, and how do you make the switch?

Don’t worry—we’ve got all the info you need!

What is Baby Led Weaning?

Baby led weaning (BLW) is an approach to introducing your baby to solid foods.

Rather than spoon feeding purees or mashed foods, BLW focuses on giving your little one small chunks of soft, easy-to-hold food that they can feed themselves.

This method helps them develop a better understanding of textures and flavors while also encouraging their natural hand-eye coordination.

Making the Transition

The transition from spoon feeding to BLW can be daunting!

But don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help make the process easier:

Start slow

Introduce one new food at a time in small pieces that are easy for your baby to hold.

You can start with soft fruits like bananas or avocados, but don’t be afraid to try new things—just make sure they’re soft enough for your little one to chew and swallow without difficulty.

Watch closely

While it’s important for your baby to explore new foods independently, it’s also important that you keep an eye on them as they eat and intervene if necessary (for example, if something gets stuck in their throat).

Be prepared with the Heimlich maneuver just in case!

Make mealtime fun

Mealtime should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your little one!

Try serving up different colors and shapes of food so that it looks more appetizing, play some music in the background, and make sure there are plenty of distractions available so that mealtimes don’t become tedious or boring for either of you.


Introducing solid foods can be exciting yet overwhelming!

But transitioning from spoon feeding to baby led weaning doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult; just remember these tips and tricks and take it slow!

With patience, consistency, and lots of laughter along the way, you’ll soon have a happy eater who loves trying out all kinds of delicious new foods—and isn’t that what every parent wants?

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