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How to Strengthen Your Baby’s Legs to Walk

by Blake Lawrence
How to Strengthen Baby’s Legs to Walk

Walking is an important milestone for babies.

It not only helps them explore their surroundings, but also strengthens their legs and helps them develop coordination and balance.

If you’re wondering how to help your baby take those first steps, here are a few tips.

1. Give your baby plenty of tummy time

Tummy time is when your baby is lying on their stomach. This is an important position for babies because it helps them build the muscles in their back, neck, and legs. Start with short periods of tummy time and gradually increase the amount of time as your baby gets stronger.

2. Help your baby stand up

Once your baby can hold their head up on their own, you can help them stand up by holding onto their hands and supporting their back. This will help them develop the leg muscles they need for walking.

3. Encourage your baby to crawl

Crawling is another great way to help baby develop the muscles in their legs and prepare for walking. As they move forward on all fours, they’ll be using their leg muscles to propel themselves forward—a key movement for walking.


These are just a few ways to help strengthen your baby’s legs so they can walk.

Remember to start slowly and let your baby lead the way—they’ll let you know when they’re ready to start taking those first steps!

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