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How to Quickly Inflate Your Kiddo’s New Floaties | Blow Up Floaties Fast

by Blake Lawrence
How to Quickly Inflate Your Kiddo's New Floaties | Blow Up Floaties Fast

You finally took the plunge and bought your kiddo a brand new set of floaties!

They’re adorable, they fit well, and they’ll surely make a splash at the pool this summer.

Now there’s just one problem: you can’t seem to get the darn things inflated.

No matter how much you blow, those floaties just won’t hold air.

You’re about to give up and call it quits when you remember that you saw a tutorial on Facebook about how to quickly inflate floaties.

With a little help from that video, you’re finally able to get those floaties blown up in no time—and without losing your breath!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by completely deflating the floaties. This will make them easier to handle and will also help ensure that you get a good seal when you start inflating them again.

2. If the floaties have a valve, open it up so that air can flow freely into the floaty. If there is no valve, just leave them as is.

3. Lay the floaties down on a flat surface. You may want to put a towel under them to prevent them from sliding around.

4. Place your mouth over the opening of the floaty and start blowing steadily. Continue until the floaty is about halfway inflated.

5. Once the floaty is halfway inflated, stop blowing and close the valve (if there is one). This will prevent air from escaping while you finish inflating the floaty.

6. Finish inflating the floaty by using a pump designed for inflating pool toys. These pumps are usually battery-operated and can be found at most stores that sell pool toys and supplies.

7. Once the floaty is fully inflated, close the valve (if there is one) and enjoy!


With these tips, inflating your kiddo’s new floaties will be a breeze! No more huffing and puffing until you’re lightheaded—just follow these simple steps and you’ll have those things blown up in no time flat.

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