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How to Inflate a Floatie in 60 Seconds or Less

by Blake Lawrence
How to Inflate a Floatie in 60 Seconds or Less

How To Blow Up Floaties Fast

Summertime is here, which means it’s time to break out the pool toys!

If you’re like most parents, you probably have a few beach balls and inflatable rafts that your kids like to play with.

But if you’re also like most parents, you probably dread having to blow them up every time you want to use them.

Well, fear no more! Here are some tips on how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

1. Make sure you have the right equipment. You’ll need an air pump of some sort—a manual hand pump will do the trick, or you can even use an electric one if you have one handy.

You’ll also need a long, flexible tube that can attach to the valve on the floatie.

2. Find a level surface on which to work. This will make it easier to get a good seal when you’re attaching the tube to the valve.

3. Open up the valve on the floatie so that air can start flowing in. If it’s a multi-valve floatie, open up all of the valves so that you can inflate all sections at once.

4. Start inflating! If you’re using a manual hand pump, it might take a little longer, but it’s still doable. Just keep pumping until the floatie is nice and full. If you’re using an electric pump, it should only take a minute or two.

5. Close up the valves tightly once you’re finished inflating. This will help prevent any air from leaking out while your kids are playing with the floatie.


Now that you know how to inflate a floatie quickly and easily, there’s no excuse not to enjoy some fun in the sun!

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