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How Many Skeins of Yarn Do I Need for a Baby Blanket?

by Vanessa Foster
How Many Skeins of Yarn Do I Need for a Baby Blanket?

You’ve finally decided to knit a baby blanket. Congratulations!

Now that you’ve made this momentous decision, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and figure out how many skeins of yarn you need to complete your project.

This is actually a surprisingly difficult question to answer because it depends on a few factors, such as the size of the blanket, the type of yarn, and your personal knitting style.

However, we’re here to help you figure it all out so that you can get started on your baby blanket ASAP.

Size Matters

The first thing you need to consider when trying to determine how much yarn you need for a baby blanket is the size of the blanket.

Are you planning on making a standard 36″ x 36″ baby blanket?

A larger 46″ x 46″ receiving blanket? Or something in between?

The size of your blanket will have a big impact on how much yarn you’ll need to complete the project.

For example, let’s say you’re using worsted weight yarn and you want to make a 36″ x 36″ baby blanket.

According to Craft Yarn Council’s Standard Yarn Weight System, worsted weight yarn falls under the “medium” category, which means that you should expect approximately 16-20 stitches per 4 inches (10 cm) using size 7-9 needles.

This also means that you’ll need approximately 190 yards (174 meters) of yarn for a 36″ x 36″ blanket.

On the other hand, if you’re using the same worsted weight yarn but want to make a 46″ x 46″ receiving blanket, you’ll need approximately 380 yards (347 meters) of yarn—nearly double what you would need for a smaller baby blanket!

Choose Your Yarn Carefully

The next thing you need to think about is the type of yarn you want to use for your baby blanket.

Different types of yarn have different yardage amounts, even if they’re both classified as worsted weight yarn.

For example, let’s say you want to use Lion Brand Wool-Ease for your baby blanket.

One skein of this particular type of worsted weight yarn contains 197 yards (180 meters).

However, if you choose another brand like Red Heart Super Saver, one skein contains only 164 yards (150 meters).

This means that if you’re using Lion Brand Wool-Ease, you would only need two skeins of yarn to make a 36″ x 36″ baby blanket—but if you choose Red Heart Super Saver, you would need three skeins.

It’s All About Your Knitting Style

Last but not least, the amount of yarn you’ll need for your baby blanket also depends on your personal knitting style.

Some knitters are tighter than others, which means they require more yarn per inch than those with looser knitting styles.

Similarly, some knitters like their projects to have more drape while others prefer their projects to be sturdier.

These preferences will also impact how much yarn you’ll use when completing your project.


Asking how many skeins of yarn you need for a baby blanket is like asking how long a piece of string is—it all depends on the details.

To get an accurate estimate of how much yarn you’ll need, start by considering the size of the blanket, the type of yarn being used, and your personal knitting style.

With these factors in mind, it will be easy to calculate exactly how much yarn is needed to complete your project so that you can get started on that baby blanket ASAP!

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