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Bump, Set, Secure: Do Newborns Need Head Support in Car Seats?

by Blake Lawrence
Do Newborns Need Head Support in Car Seats

Whether you’re a new parent or an experienced one, car seat safety is something that you must take seriously.

Car seats are designed to protect your little bundle of joy in the event of an accident and give them the best chance at a safe ride.

But do newborns need head support in car seats?

Let’s find out!

Head Support Basics

The answer to this question is yes—while it may not look like it, newborns do need head support in their car seat.

This is because their heads are heavier than their bodies and can bob around during rides if they don’t have proper support.

Fortunately, most infant car seats come with some form of head support built-in; however, for older babies whose bodies are growing too large for their car seat, additional head supports may be necessary.

Installing the Right Head Support

When installing a head support for your newborn, make sure that it fits snugly against their neck and shoulders without being too tight.

The best way to ensure that the fit is secure is to adjust the straps so that there’s no more than one finger’s width between your baby’s body and the straps themselves.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the straps are positioned correctly on your baby’s shoulders so that they provide maximum protection in a crash.

Safety Tips for Parents

As always, when transporting your baby in a car seat, make sure to follow all manufacturer instructions carefully and keep an eye on them while driving.

It’s also important to be aware of hot weather conditions; heat can cause excessive sweating and discomfort for your child if their vehicle isn’t well ventilated or air-conditioned.

Finally, never use second-hand car seats as these may not meet current safety standards and could put your little one at risk.


Keeping your newborn safe while driving requires extra care and attention from parents.

A key component of this process is ensuring that they have enough head support when riding in a car seat; not only will this help keep them comfortable but it will also reduce the likelihood of neck injuries in case of an accident.

Always remember to read all applicable safety instructions before placing your baby into their car seat and double check that all straps are secured properly before each trip!

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