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Dad Carrying Son Baby Carrier: The Pros and Cons of Babywearing

by Blake Lawrence
Dad Carrying Son Baby Carrier: The Pros and Cons of Babywearing

When I first became a dad, one of the things I was most excited about was finally getting to use a baby carrier.

I had seen all the pictures of dads wearing their babies around in some sort of contraption and I thought it looked really cool.

Plus, I figured it would be really helpful to have my hands free while still being able to keep my son close.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned that babywearing isn’t always as glamorous (or as easy) as it looks.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of babywearing, from my perspective as a dad.

The Pros of Babywearing

Now that I’ve been wearing my son around in a baby carrier for a few months, I can say with certainty that there are some definite benefits to this practice.

First of all, it’s extremely convenient.

Having my son in a carrier means that I can go about my day without having to lug around a stroller everywhere I go.

Additionally, it’s nice to be able to have my son close by while still getting things done.

And let’s be honest, wearing your baby is just way cooler than pushing a stroller around.

The Cons of Babywearing

Of course, there are also some downsides to babywearing.

First of all, it can be really uncomfortable carrying around a growing human being all day long.

My back often hurts at the end of the day from carrying my son in his carrier.

Additionally, it’s not always easy to get your baby into and out of a carrier, especially if you’re doing it by yourself.

And let’s not forget about the fact that babies are basically like living sacks of poop—so you have to be prepared for diaper blowouts at any time, which can be pretty gross when you’re out and about wearing your baby.

Overall, though, I think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to babywearing.

It’s definitely worth giving it a try if you’re thinking about it


If you’re on the fence about whether or not to start wearing your baby around in a carrier, hopefully this article has helped give you some perspective.

Babywearing definitely has its ups and downs (literally), but overall I think it’s a great experience for both parents and babies. It might not be for everyone—but it’s definitely worth giving it a shot!

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