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Can You Weigh A Baby On A Regular Scale?

by Wendy Sharp
Can You Weigh A Baby On A Regular Scale

Weighing Babies – A Parent’s Guide to Scales

Are you ever curious about how much your baby weighs?

Maybe you want to keep track of their growth and make sure they’re growing at a healthy rate.

Or perhaps you’re wondering if they’ve grown enough to move up a clothing size.

If this sounds like you, then the age-old question arises—can you weigh a baby on a regular scale?

The answer is yes, but it’s not as simple as stepping onto the bathroom scale with your child in hand.

First, regular scales are not designed for babies, so there’s no guarantee that the results will be accurate.

Second, some scales may not be safe for babies due to their size or design.

Third, it can be difficult to hold a baby still long enough to get an accurate reading without putting unnecessary strain on their fragile bodies.

That being said, there are ways to safely weigh your baby on a regular scale if all other options are unavailable.

One way is by holding them securely against your chest while standing on the scale facing away from it (so that your back is pressed against the scale).

Make sure you have both feet firmly planted and stand as still as possible while getting an accurate reading of your combined weight (you plus baby).

Once you have the weight of both of you together, subtract your own weight from that total to find out how much your little one weighs!

This method won’t give an exact number since most scales measure in kilograms or pounds rather than ounces, but it can give you an approximate idea of how much your baby weighs and whether or not they’re gaining at a healthy rate according to their age and development.

It also eliminates any potential safety hazards associated with using a regular scale for babies such as slipping off or tipping over when weighed alone.


Weighing babies can certainly be done with a regular scale—but it should only be done when absolutely necessary and with proper safety precautions in place!

Before using a regular scale for weighing your little one, always take into consideration its accuracy and overall stability when used around children.

It’s also important to remember that this method only provides an approximate number; if possible try to use an infant-specific electronic weighing device instead!

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