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Can You Reuse Bottles For Your Second Baby?

by Blake Lawrence
Can you reuse bottles for second baby

Second Baby? Here’s How to Reuse All Those Old Baby Bottles

So you’re having a second baby. Congratulations! You’re probably wondering how you’re going to afford all the new gear you’ll need. Well, never fear, because we’re here to tell you that you can actually reuse a lot of the stuff you already have. That’s right, those old baby bottles can come in handy after all. Here’s how:

1. Give them a good wash. This one is pretty obvious, but it bears repeating. You’ll want to make sure those bottles are squeaky clean before you use them again. A good wash with hot soapy water should do the trick.

2. Inspect them for cracks or other damage. Take a close look at each bottle, and discard any that have cracks or other damage. You don’t want to risk your baby’s health by using a damaged bottle.

Buy new nipples and rings. Even if the bottles themselves are in good condition, the nipples and rings will need to be replaced. They wear out quickly, so it’s best to start with fresh ones.

Sterilize them before use. Once you’ve inspected and cleaned the bottles, it’s time to sterilize them before use. This will help ensure that they’re free of any bacteria that could harm your baby.


So there you have it! With a little bit of cleaning and some new parts, those old baby bottles can be reused for your second child. In case you want to invest a little and be on the safe side why not buy a few new ones?! But with all the different brands and types out there, how do you choose? Well, never fear, weary parent-to-be.

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