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Can You Put Lotion On Your Baby’s Face?

by Wendy Sharp
can you put lotion on baby face

Yes, You Can Put Lotion on a Baby’s Face

Babies are so delicate and soft, and they deserve the best of care. As a parent, you have to be extra careful when it comes to taking care of your little one’s skin.

Of course, you’ve heard about using lotion for babies, but can you put lotion on a baby’s face?

The answer is yes!

Let’s break down why lotion is safe for babies and what type of lotion should be used.

Why Lotion is Safe for Baby Faces

Babies have sensitive skin that needs to be well taken care of.

This means utilizing the right products to keep their skin soft and healthy.

Lotions can actually help in this regard because they contain emollients that keep the skin moisturized and protected from irritants.

Lotions also come with added benefits such as Vitamin E or other antioxidants that are helpful in nourishing the baby’s delicate skin.

What Type of Lotion Should Be Used?

When choosing a lotion to use on your baby’s face, it is important to make sure that it contains only natural ingredients such as plant oils and botanical extracts.

Avoid any product with synthetic fragrances or dyes as these can be harsh on your baby’s skin and cause irritation or itching.

Additionally, look for moisturizers labeled “hypoallergenic” since these tend to be gentler on delicate newborn skin.

Finally, choose unscented products whenever possible so that your little one won’t develop any allergies or sensitivities due to fragrances.


In conclusion, yes – you can put lotion on a baby’s face!

It helps keep their sensitive skin hydrated while providing extra nutrients and protection from irritants.

When shopping for lotion, make sure it contains only natural ingredients and is labeled “hypoallergenic” or “unscented” for optimal safety and comfort for your little one.

With the right product, your baby will be feeling soft and comfortable all day long!

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