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Can You Put Baby Lotion In Baby Hair?

by Vanessa Foster
Can You Put Baby Lotion In Baby Hair

Baby Lotion in Baby Hair? The Answer May Surprise You!

As a parent, you’ve probably had to ask yourself some pretty strange questions.

From “Can I put baby lotion in baby hair?” to “Why won’t my baby go to sleep?”

But this one is a special case.

After all, putting lotion in your baby’s hair sounds like it should be a big no-no.

Nevertheless, the answer may surprise you—it turns out that there are certain benefits associated with lathering up your little one’s locks.

Let’s take a look at why parents might choose to put baby lotion in their babies’ hair.

Moisturizing Benefits of Baby Lotion in Hair

As you may know, the scalp is prone to becoming dry and irritated.

This can lead to itching, flaking, and even dandruff. The good news is that using moisturizing products like baby lotion can help keep the scalp hydrated and healthy.

In addition, these products can help reduce frizziness and make combing through tangled hair much easier.

Safety Considerations for Baby Lotion

When it comes to safety considerations for putting baby lotion in your child’s hair, there are some important things you should keep in mind.

First of all, be sure to use only products specifically formulated for babies; regular adult lotions contain harsher ingredients that may irritate delicate skin or even cause allergic reactions.

Secondly, avoid using too much product; just a small amount of lotion should be enough to get the job done without weighing down your child’s hair or causing an oily buildup on their scalp.

Lastly, don’t leave any residue behind; if you find that the lotion isn’t absorbing into their skin and hair as quickly as you’d like, simply rinse it out with warm water before drying off your little one with a gentle towel or cloth.


So there you have it—the answer to the question “can I put baby lotion in my baby’s hair?” is yes!

As long as you follow certain safety guidelines when applying this product (i.e., using only products specifically made for babies), then your little one will reap all the benefits of moisturized strands without any of the risks associated with regular adult products.

So go ahead and lather up those locks; your baby will love it!

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