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Baby Wipes and Adult Yeast Infections – A Match Made in Heaven?

by Wendy Sharp
can baby wipes cause yeast infections in adults

Baby wipes are everywhere these days.

From the airplane aisle to the park, they can be found in every diaper bag, bathroom drawer, and glove compartment.

But it begs the question—are baby wipes really meant for adults?

And more importantly, can they cause yeast infections?

It is not recommended that adults use baby wipes.

While many are marketed as being “gentle on sensitive skin” or “hypoallergenic,” most baby wipes contain ingredients like propylene glycol and parabens that can be irritating to an adult’s delicate skin.

In fact, if you have sensitive skin or a history of yeast infections, using baby wipes could make matters worse.

Yeast infections occur when too much naturally-occurring fungus grows on one’s body.

This fungus loves warm and moist environments, which means that areas like between your toes or near your genitals are especially prone to infection.

The chemicals found in baby wipes can disrupt the delicate pH balance of these areas and create an environment that is ripe for fungus growth.

This is why using these products regularly has been linked with an increased risk of developing a yeast infection.

That being said, it’s important to note that these risks increase substantially if you’re already prone to yeast infections due to factors like pregnancy or medications such as antibiotics or steroids.

These conditions can also make it difficult for your body to fight off an infection once it starts.

So if you are pregnant or taking any kind of medication, it’s best to avoid using baby wipes altogether—at least until your condition has improved significantly.


In conclusion, while there is no definitive answer as to whether or not baby wipes can cause yeast infections in adults, there is enough evidence to suggest that they should be used with caution—especially by those who are already at higher risk for developing such a condition due to pregnancy or medications.

If you do decide to use them regularly, make sure you’re also taking extra care of your body by keeping it clean and dry at all times!

That way you can reduce your risk of developing a dreaded yeast infection from prolonged use of those oh-so-convenient baby wipes!

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