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Best Ski Helmets For Kids That Are Actually Safe 

by Vanessa Foster

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Kids grow up too fast. They took their first step yesterday, and now they’re all grown up and ready to ski this winter!

If your kids are begging you to take them skiing every weekend and you think they are ready for it, you must remember the essential baby gear for skiing: Skiing helmets!

Next to ski boards, the most important and worthwhile investment you’ll make will be a kids’ ski helmet. 

Kids are still learning to stabilize their bodies and movements and need more strength to ski perfectly without falling, which can happen even to adults! 

So make sure your kids only go skiboarding if they are properly prepared for it.

Helmets are a great way to protect children from falling and injuring themselves. 

Because let’s face it-it’s inevitable! 

They will only learn if they fall a few times. And wearing helmets is the best way to ensure your kids stay safe and steady!

Helmets weren’t a norm a few years ago, but now you’ll see every other person wearing them for skiing. This shows it’s a very famous baby gear in the market now.

So we dived deep into the products available in the ski and snowboard helmet industry to see what options are best for your child. 

We spent hours researching and finally picked the best kids’ ski helmets to protect your child’s head from potential injuries and give them the best skiing experience. 

Keep reading to learn more about the best kids ski helmets for kids.

How We Choose Best Kids Ski Helmets 

While researching, we came across many products that made our heads spin. So we wanted you to avoid going through the same hassle and wasting precious time. 

We decided to mention everything you need to know about ski helmets for your kids and how to choose them.

Safety is the most important thing any parent wants in any baby gear product! Safety always comes first; style can come later. 

But don’t worry, we wanted you to maintain the style, so we chose the safest skiing helmets for your kids without compromising style.

Keeping in mind the potential risks of head injury, we chose the skiing helmets that are structured with the new protection system called Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

This system protects your children from any potential rotational accidents. 

Unfortunately, most kids suffer from rotational injuries caused by either heading to the tree or slipping away. 

This protection system protects the head even when something has it directly on it.

Another essential thing to consider when buying ski helmets for kids is the size. 

Helmets aren’t designed according to age but according to head size. So we chose the adjustable ones. 

And for those with larger heads, we chose adult-sized helmets that can be perfect for kids.  

Ski helmets shouldn’t be too tight, too small, or too big. Instead, they should fit snugly on your child’s head. The adjustable dial helps you to customize the fit.

Following were the points we kept in mind while selecting the ski helmets for kids:

  • Safety
  • MIPS 
  • Adjustable
  • Size
  • Protection system
  • Durable
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Customer reviews
  • Ratings 

So let’s hop on to read more about the products.

Giro Neo Jr. MIPS


Why We Love It

Wearing helmets can be fun if they are instant classics and provide several key features like Giro Neo Jr. MIPS Helmet does.

The temperature gets cold in the mountains, so this Giro helmet provides instant temperature control thanks to the thermostat control adjustable venting.

Let your child do the peaks without worrying about any impact because this child’s wear can withstand any snow sports.

This is the best kids’ wear in terms of Safety, durability, and style. Moreover, this lightweight helmet is versatile and resilient enough to withstand any impact.

What You Should Know

This is the best ski or skateboard helmet in the market and is equipped with a MIPS protection system.

It has an adjustable fit system that makes it easy to dial the helmet in custom fits in seconds.

It includes an ergo-friendly dial at the base of the helmet with up to 6 cm of adjustment and enhanced stability.

The vertical tuning feature of this ski helmet allows different ski goggles and head shapes for custom fits.

The thermostat control of these ski or skateboard helmets allows free airflow and temperature regulation. This also makes this helmet breathable.

This ski helmet is compatible with Giro goggles. The stack vent aligns with the goggles and keeps them fog-free.

Premium Pick

Giro Neo Jr. MIPS

  • Helmet and goggle combination
  • Thermostat control
  • Lightweight
  • Free of google fog
  • Adjustable
  • Vertical tuning

Retrospec Comstock Youth Ski


Why We Love It

No matter what winter sports adventure your little ones choose, keep them protected and safe with Retrospec Comstock Youth Ski.

This is the best budget helmet for kids we found in the market that fits snuggly and protects your wee-one from any hits or brakes.

This budget helmet’s durable material will last long enough for your kids to outgrow it.

This ski helmet has a temperature regulation system to keep your kids warm in winter and cool in summer.

Youth Ski Helmet includes everything you are looking for for the Safety of your child, and that too at a budget-friendly price!

This ski helmet contains the most advanced features yet remains lightweight.

What You Should Know

This ski helmet is equipped with a durable ABS hard exterior that protects against any bumps and bruises to the helmet.

The EPS foam protection absorbs the shock of any impact that might occur during an accident, thus providing ultimate Safety to your younger kids.

The adjustable padded chin straps prevent uncomfortable chin chafing. It also includes plush earmuffs that are soft and smushy to your kid’s ears and provide extra comfort.

It also includes a goggle clip on the back of the helmet to keep the goggles in place

Budget Pick

Retrospec Comstock Youth Ski

  • EPS foam lining
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Ten vents
  • ABS hard shell construction
  • Built-in goggle clip 

Smith Optics Holt Jr. Youth Snow Helmets


Why We Love It

Do you want your kids to stay safe and have the best skiing experience? Then, we picked Smith Optics Hilt Jr. Youth Snow Helmets just for you!

This ski helmet comes with a bombshell construction and adjustable dial to make sure the helmet fits perfectly with your little one.

This helmet includes a feature that will keep your kids warm in winter to avoid wearing thick hats underneath. 

This ski helmet has a hard outer shell, making it resistant to impact. So even if your child accidentally falls, this helmet will protect them from any injury.

This ski helmet will keep your kid warm and protected, giving them the best skiing experience.

It is one of the best ski helmets that serves up four-season certifications.

What You Should Know

Since helmets are made according to the head size, this helmet has an adjustable dial fit system, so you can conveniently adjust it according to your kid’s head size.

The bombshell ear pads of this helmet are made from soft material to provide your kids with more comfort while wearing this helmet.

This ski helmet allows you to pull an ear pad to create more room for breathing when it’s hot.

This ski helmet can be integrated with Smith goggles for maximum comfort and ventilation. 

The AirEvac ventilation system in this helmet provides fog-free lenses to goggles.

 This ski helmet features advanced ABS construction that protects in the moment of impact and all-around durability.

This kids’ ski helmet weighs 19 oz.

Best Value

Smith Optics Holt Jr. Youth Snow Helmets

  • Reinforced ABS shell
  • Size adjustable dial
  • No goggle fog
  • Custom-fit
  • Removable side pads

Smith Youth Scout Jr. MIPS Snow Sport Helmet


Why We Love It

Smith Youth Scout Jr. Snow Sport Helmet is one of the market’s best ski and snowboard helmets.

This snowboard helmet is great baby gear to take with you every weekend this winter season.

It offers impressive safety features that protect your kid’s head from injury or impact.

You don’t have to worry about this youth ski helmet’s loose or tight fit because it has a self-adjusting fit system.

This ski helmet is designed to promote adequate airflow so your child can have some air to breathe in hot weather.

What You Should Know

Smith Youth Scout is the best ski helmet for kids regarding minimalistic looks and provides the best safety features.

This ski helmet includes an adjustable dial fit system. This feature allows you to fit the helmet on your kid’s head according to size.

The removable ear pads provide form-fitting comfort. In addition, the AirEvac system provides good ventilation to let the hot air escape for adequate airflow.

Thanks to the MIPS technology, your little ski enthusiast can roam around feeling safe in this helmet.

This helmet stands out because it is equipped with MIPS technology and has an advanced ABS for advanced Safety for your kids.

Your little progressive users can integrate this helmet with Smith goggles for fog-free lenses. 

This ski helmet weighs 450 grams. 

Our Pick

Smith Youth Scout Jr. MIPS Snow Sport Helmet

  • Full breathability
  • Adjustable
  • MIPS helmet
  • Goggles fog-free
  • Reinforced ABS shell

Lucky Bums Toddler Kids


Why We Love It

Are you looking for a safe and durable ski or snowboard helmet for your kids that also looks kid-friendly? Then, we picked this one just for you!

Lucky Bums Ski Helmet is one of the best kids’ helmets in the ski gear industry, all for the right reasons.

This kid ski helmet provides you with class, style, and safety features to make your skiing experience more memorable.

It provides durable protection for your kid and won’t break or tear easily with a few hits, so it’s safe to say this ski helmet is meant to last for your kid.

Some helmets trap the air inside the head, making it uncomfortable for the child to wear, but this ski helmet, one of the key features is that it provides ample airflow.

What You Should Know

The hard shell construction of this Lucky Bums Ski Helmet has a hard shell construction which makes it a durable quality helmet.

The outer shell of this kids’ ski helmet is infused with the impact-absorbing EPS foam liner, which increases its durability to withstand any hits or brakes.

This is the best toddler ski helmet because it is lightweight and comfortable. It doesn’t feel heavy when your kids wear it.

This kid’s ski helmet is perfect for younger kids just starting skiing for their winter sports.

This kids’ ski helmet features some stylish designs, making it more kid-friendly.

One of the key features includes the size adjustment dial to get a snug fit by clicking the padded chin strap.

These kids’ ski helmets are CE certified and come in different sizes. 

Our Pick

Lucky Bums Toddler Kids

  • Stylish
  • Adjustment dial
  • Padded chin strap
  • EPS foam protection
  • Hard shell construction
  • Lightweight helmet

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet 


Why We Love It

Are you tired of the helmets that are hard to clean and do not provide enough ventilation? Then, this is the pick for you. 

This ski helmet’s key features include safety and protection against rotational twists, hits, brakes, or falls.

You and your younger kids can feel safe in this ski helmet because as long as your little one has an Outdoor Master Kelvin Ski Helmet, no hits or brakes can injure them.

This ski helmet comes in an adjustment dial for a custom fit to ensure it fits appropriately, neither loose nor tight.

What You Should Know

This adult ski helmet is for men, women, and young kids. Its size can be adjusted to custom fit by the size adjustment dial.

The key features of this ski helmet include removable ear pads and a fleece liner. You can wash this for your convenience. 

This feature helps to regulate temperature better in hot or cold weather and makes it more durable.

It also includes 14 individual vents for ventilation so your young one can spend hours skiing comfortably.

This ski helmet has a matte finish and comes in various colors for you to choose from.

Our Pick

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet 

  • Adjustable size
  • Variety of colors
  • 14 individual vents
  • Easy to clean
  • Matte finish
  • Regulates temperature

Best Ski Helmet For Kids FAQs

There are many helmets available in the market. However, the variety of this child wear can make your head spin and confuse you about what to choose for your baby.

When buying something for our kids, we want products that provide ultimate safety and protection, mainly when it includes snow sports. 

We dug into the ski helmet market to help you in your search and found the best ski and skateboard helmets for your kids.

If you are still left with questions or trying to decide which option is best for your kid, you can go through the questions below.

These are the frequently asked questions that parents ask when buying ski helmets for their kids.

These questions can bring clarity so you can make an informed decision for your child.

Is there a difference between a ski and a snowboard helmet?

Ski and snowboard helmets are the same, but they differ in their looks. Snowboards have more of a bomber look, whereas ski helmets have a streamlined appearance.

Can kids wear an adult-sized ski helmet?

Ski helmets are made according to head size and not age. So if it fits your kids, they can wear adult-sized ski helmets.

Do kids always need to ski with a helmet on?

Absolutely! To avoid serious injuries, your kids must wear helmets before skiing. It needs to be worn and buckled correctly.

At what age can kids wear a ski helmet?

Your kids can wear ski helmets as soon as they start skiing.

Do resorts require ski and snowboard helmets?

Most resorts have made ski and snowboard helmets mandatory skiing. 

When did wearing a ski helmet become a norm?

The ski helmet industry has shifted to full helmet compliance within the last ten years. There weren’t many kids who would wear helmets ten years ago, but now you’ll see every other kid wearing them.

Can my child wear a hat under the ski helmet?

It is always recommended to wear the helmet directly in contact with the head. In cold weather, you can wear a thin hat or balaclava under the helmet. Otherwise, it is not recommended to wear thick hats that will change the way helmets fit.

Will the kid’s snowsports helmets keep them warm?

Helmets can keep your kids considerably warm. However, if the temperature is a bit colder than usual, you can make them wear a thin hat or balaclava for extra insulation.

When should I replace a kid’s snowsports helmet?

If your child gets into an accident and lands on their helmet or there is even a tiny crack on it, then your helmet’s integrity is at risk. This is a sign it needs to be replaced.

Another reason why you might want to replace your helmet is if it’s too small.

Can a one-year-old kid wear a ski helmet?

One-year-old kids should not wear ski helmets because their neck muscles are not developed to carry extra weight.

What is a MIPS ski helmet?

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It is a protective system ingrained in the helmet. Its purpose is to protect the brain from any injury during the moment of an impact.

Is it worth it to pay extra for MIPS helmets?

MIPS provides extra safety to your little one, which regular helmets do not offer. So yes, it’s worth the price!

Best Ski Helmets For Kids For You

You must know which ski or skateboarding helmet is best for your child. 

The market is full of this child wear featuring different qualities and designs. You can choose what fits best for you or your kid according to the information above.

Ski helmets should be durable and feature advanced safety technology. Moreover, they should have more comfort features like padded ear pads, adjustable dials, or a temperature regulation system.

We curated the best ski helmets to provide comfort and safety to your child.

You can watch the YouTube video below to learn more about the best ski helmets for kids.

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    Giro Neo Jr. MIPS

    • Helmet and goggle combination
    • Thermostat control
    • Lightweight helmet
    • Free of google fog
  • Budget Pick

    Retrospec Comstock Youth Ski

    • EPS foam lining
    • Breathable
    • Lightweight helmet
    • 10 vents
  • Best Value

    Smith Optics Holt Jr. Youth Snow Helmets

    • Reinforced ABS shell
    • Size adjustable dial
    • No goggle fog
    • Custom-fit

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