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Best Pocket Knife For Kids: Safe And Age Appropriate 

by Wendy Sharp

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Are you looking for a reliable pocket knife for the kids?

If you’re looking for the perfect pocket knife for your little one, you should know there are a lot of factors to consider. 

Pocket knives are meant to teach responsibility, safety, and self-sufficiency. 

Pocket knives have been a part of the culture for decades. With their lightweight and durable construction, they are perfect for laboring tasks like whittling or cutting ropes. 

However, they are not entirely harmless either. They may seem dangerous at first glance, but children must be taught to keep themselves safe in all situations.

For the little ones, a pocket knife can be a fun and exciting thing to have around. 

However, teaching your child how to handle a pocket knife safely and responsibly is also important.

Be careful! Pocket knives can be dangerous if misused. But, at the right age, kids can learn to care for themselves.

The best pocket knife has kid-friendly features like a safety lock and a sharpener, so it’s easy for them to learn how to use it safely.

The pocket knives specially designed for kids have a patented Dual Safety System. They’re safe, easy to use, and fun to show off.

We know it’s little work to reach out to the kids and guide them to choose the best pocket knife.

This article lists kid’s pocket knives that are easy to teach and safe for your kids.

How We Choose The Best Pocket Knife For Kids 

We all know it’s up to parents to take the concern for guiding their kids’ regarding pocket knives. 

We’ve curated the best knives so you save time scouring the internet. 

We have found the safest, most durable options on the market – all without breaking your wallet.

Always keep the necessary safety steps in mind while picking the best pocket knife for their application as well as their age group.

The best pocket knife for kids is just as much a personal trust project as an educational one. 

It must be handled responsibly and handed over with care to teach, teaching both the child and the parent the right usage of the pocket knife. 

The factors listed below are considered when choosing a pocket knife for kids.

  • Knife Safety 
  • Durability 
  • Ease to Carry 
  • Features 
  • Usage 
  • Quality
  • Portability 

Here we have a list of the best pocket knives for kids, with safety features and easy to use.

Gerber Gear Paraframe Mini Pocket Knife


Why We Love It

Gerber provides professional-grade pocket knives, multi-tools, and equipment that can save time, a day, or a life. 

A Gerber blade can be used for hunting, survival, tactical use, and everyday carry.

Get this safe and easy-to-carry knife for your kids. The open frame of this compact everyday carry knife is the pinnacle of minimalism. 

The best part is the Paraframe is an ideal addition to your pocket or belt clip since it is simple to clean, carry, and open.

This knife is versatile and comes in a variety of blade options.

The mini uses the same frame-lock construction as the other eight knives in the Paraframe series. 

In addition, it has a fine-edged, lightweight, open-frame knife with an exquisitely basic design that opens with ease. 

The Paraframe Mini is a tiny everyday carry folder with a smooth stainless steel handle and a clip for safe travel.

What You Should Know

The minimalist and lightweight Paraframe Mini Pocket Knife has an open frame and a smooth stainless steel grip. 

The frame lock keeps the blade open while securely locking it shut for storage.

This EDC knife is easy to put in your pocket or belt clip. 

The handle and blade are finished in a non-reflective black titanium nitrate material. 

In addition, it has a strong clip for safe travel. This small pocket knife opens easily and features a fine-edged blade that is easy to clean and lightweight.

Gerber knives take on daily life’s challenges head-on, whether used for exploration, work, defense, or survival tools.

Premium Pick

Gerber Gear Paraframe Mini Pocket Knife

  • Quality crafted 
  • Functional and safe
  • Easy to carry
  • One-handed opening 
  • Stainless steel blade

JJ’s Lock back Wooden Pocket Knife


Why We Love It

This children’s wooden knife kit is perfect for teaching safe knife handling. 

This kid’s pocket knife is a fun craft idea for the whole family. The knife measures 6″ when open and 3.5″ when closed.

The design helps prevent the knife from closing on the fingers accidentally.

The best part is it comes in a kit that is very simple to put together. This knife has a wooden handle and blade, perfect for younger kids.

The kit for JJ’s Lock Back Knife is produced in the USA. No other knife set is created in the US and complies with US toy requirements. 

It is an excellent approach to give knowledge of safe knife handling. It comes with a compact traveling case with a fire starter.

What You Should Know

It includes every component required to build a functional, spring-action lock-back knife in a kit form.

This folding knife does not have a sharpened blade edge. Nevertheless, it is an excellent craft project toy.

Students understand STEM principles of mechanical cam motion and locking mechanism when constructing.

All the components required to assemble a two-blade Canoe pocket knife made of wood. 

The kit includes 6 pieces of wood, 3 metal pins, and an instruction card. 

The blades that are provided have rounded points and are not honed. The kit includes tiny components.

Budget Pick

JJ’s Lock back Wooden Pocket Knife

  • Locking blades
  • Two blades Canoe pocket knife
  • Wooden toy
  • Easy to assemble

Victorinox Knife Swiss Army Multi-Tool


Why We Love It

The Tinker pocket knife is the Officer’s knife for tinkers on the go, whether you’re going about your daily business, traveling the globe, or camping trip.

You can always create, hack, or mend anything with your Tinker pocket knife. It has an easy locking mechanism, and the blade folds easily in the cover.

With these kids’ pocket knives, You can teach your kid the dos and don’ts of using a knife and allow them to keep it for their safety. 

The smooth durability is provided by the Swiss Made stainless steel construction enclosed in customary polished red ABS scales.

Each blade length is easily foldable and perfect for adding to a first aid kit. In addition, you can even fix it with the belt loop while traveling.

What You Should Know

This knife features a hook, scissors, a can opener with a small screwdriver, bottle openers with a large screwdriver, and other tools.

In addition, it has a reamer with sewing eye, Phillips screwdriver, toothpick, tweezers, and key ring. 

The Rugged Swiss stainless steel components, sturdy nylon handles, and aluminum interior housings ensure this knife will last for years.

A Swiss Army Knife blade is made from premium steel with finely honed features necessary for safety purposes. You can attach it with a pocket clip.

Best Value

Victorinox Knife Swiss Army Multi-Tool

  • Large blade
  • Screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • Scissors
  • For work and play
  • Durable construction
  • Trusted quality

Klecker Trigger Knife Kit TG-13


Why We Love It

Here’s a terrific activity for teaching kids knife safety and the operation of a folding knife. 

Young outdoor enthusiasts can construct their folding knife with this authentic, functional replica of a lock-back knife. 

With adult supervision, it is safe for children aged 7 and up due to the smooth, rounded plastic edges. 

In addition, this kit is a fantastic way for adults to teach kids about the use and safe handling of a folding knife. 

Furthermore, it also highlights the safety issues with a real knife. 

Your children will love assembling and disassembling Trigger Knife Kits repeatedly.

What You Should Know

For showing a child how to put together a folding knife, the Trigger Knife kit is ideal. 

Your kids can easily disassemble the parts and put them back together by 


You can use this kit to teach your child about responsible knife ownership and knife safety.

Trigger Knife Kits are a terrific product because they give kids the impression that they have a pocket knife while simultaneously giving them a chance to learn fundamental assembly skills.

Our Pick

Klecker Trigger Knife Kit TG-13

  • Folding knife
  • Smooth rounded plastic edge
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Quality Knife

Theo Klein USA Swiss Army Knife


Why We Love It

This knife is for kids who love imitation toys and enjoy the exploration. 

The fun-to-play-with saw and knife come in the appealing toy’s well-known Victorinox shape, but they are undoubtedly free of any cutting edges or spikes. 

We know that the great outdoors and the wide world require protection from all dangers. This knife is a perfect one to keep.

Because of its rounded tip, this is a safe pocket knife.

Theo Klein designed it in the well-known Victorinox Swiss Army Knife style, so kids can learn about saws and blades via play without cutting anything.

Even a fork and a spoon are included in the practical toy for those between-meal munchies.

You can even use the blade to sharpen any wooden tip.

What You Should Know

With the help of this robust toy, kids can develop their motor skills by folding out and using the tools as they securely and amusingly learn how to use a pocket knife.

Kids can eat snacks while out and about with a fork and a spoon, allowing them to continue exploring the world contentedly and well-fed. 

With it, the kids develop their spatial awareness and motor skills and learn much about the world outside their front door.

Our Pick

Theo Klein USA Swiss Army Knife

  • Includes a fork and a spoon 
  • Sturdy toy
  • Multi-color
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive toy 

Best Kids Pocket Knife FAQs

Some kids get excited about receiving a new pocket knife, and they could use it to harm anyone around them, which is problematic for parents.

Getting the perfect pocket knife for your son or daughter can be complicated. 

There are many different brands and models to choose from, so it’s hard to know the best fit. 

For additional safety, some knives come with an emergency whistle.

We know how important quality control is, so we have made getting your perfect pocket knife a breeze!

However, if you want to know more about pocket knives, you can read the FAQs listed below: 

What is the best pocket knife for a kid?

  • Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army Knife.
  • Opinel My First No. 7 Folding Pocket Knife For Kids.
  • Huckleberry Wooden First Pocket Knife For Kids.
  • Truly Garden Kids Pocket Knife 
  • Loma Creek Kids Pocket Knife
  • Spyderco Ambitious
  • Benchmade folding knives

 What age should a kid have a knife?

Between 5 and 7 years old is a suitable overall age range for children to handle knives under supervision. Purchase a beginner’s knife, provide instructions on how to handle a knife, and only permit them to use it when you are training and closely monitoring them. Always keep knife safety in mind.

How old should a kid be to get a Swiss Army Knife?

Kids can use Swiss Army knives since they are 7 or 8; they should have them from an early age if they can wield one securely. They carve out of them miniature boats, traps, spears, roofing spars, and other handy items for camping.

Should an 8-year-old have a pocket knife?

By the ages of seven, eight, or nine. It depends on the children, and it’s important to remember that pocket knives are actual instruments, not toys.

Should A Kid Own A Knife?

A child shouldn’t own a genuine knife unless they are fully versed in its safe use. 

Do Boy Scouts Get Pocket Knives?

They do, indeed. By ages 7-8, youngsters who like the outdoors should be able to wield knives. Scouts use these knives, including camp arrangements, traps, and roofing spars. Avoid choosing a dull knife for the young child because they are sharp and they might end up harming themselves.

At what age can a child use a sharp knife?

Although each child is unique, it is possible to introduce knives as early as two years old. For example, most kids learn how to spread food with a knife by the time they are 5 years old, and they start cutting their food with a knife and fork together around the age of 7. Always begin with the knife with a simple blade and brass pins.

Why should the child not play with knives?

The child should not use knives for play since they are dangerous and have sharp edges. It may harm us as well. The child should be taught never to use a knife for something other than what it was designed for.

 What are 3 most important things to remember using a knife?

  • Only use them for your safety. 
  • Keep them in their designated case.
  • Do not play with knives or around with your friends/family. 

What happens if a child carries a knife? 

Inform your kids about the detrimental consequences: They are more likely to sustain personal injuries if armed. In addition, if they are discovered to own a knife, even if they carry it for someone else, they might spend up to 4 years in jail or 5 years in prison.

Best Kids Pocket Knife For You 

By now, you know several pocket knives that are safe but are age appropriate for your kids. 

Although knives are considered dangerous if misused, they can also provide a sense of security. 

Therefore, always keep the safety aspect in mind so you do not have to worry about your child.

We have read many reviews, parent feedback, and product ratings. We have chosen the best for your kids for their safety. 

However, you can watch this YouTube video to learn more about pocket knives for kids, knife safety measures, and the right age to hand a kid’s knife. 

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    Gerber Gear Paraframe Mini Pocket Knife

    • Quality crafted 
    • Functional and safe
    • One-handed opening 
  • Budget Pick

    JJ’s Lock back Wooden Pocket Knife

    • Locking blades
    • 2-blade Canoe pocket knife
    • Easy to assemble 
  • Best Value

    Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

    • Multiple uses
    • For work and play
    • Durable construction

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