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Best Fireplace Baby Gate That Actually Keeps Baby Safe

by Wendy Sharp

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Kids have an immense curiosity that leads them to learn new things, but their innocent curiosity can sometimes also lead to potentially dangerous areas, like fireplaces!

We are sure everyone is a fan of fireplaces. They make us feel cozy and warm in harsh winter weather. And they bring families together for a hot cup of coffee.

But it can be a dangerous place, and it might drive you nuts if you have a baby in your house because kids like to touch every single thing.

As a parent, you have a lot of things to worry about in life, like your baby’s safety. And their safety from fireplaces and other hot surfaces is one of them.

We know, as parents, it can be hard to go around in the market and search for the best baby gates that can protect your baby from the fireplace.

There is a lot of variety in the market, and it can leave many parents needing clarification.

This is why we wanted to make things easy for you by doing in-depth research about the best fireplace baby gates that will keep the little fingers away from hot surfaces.

If you’re finding baby gates for the bottom of the stairs to keep your baby safe, then you can find them here.

Keep reading to learn more. 

How We Choose The Best Fireplace Baby Gate

There is a lot of variety in the market that can make your head spin. It can be challenging for parents to look for the best baby gear for their little ones.

We wanted to make it easy for you by researching and curating the list of the best baby gates for the fireplace.

The most important thing we kept in mind was whether the gates were long and wide enough to fit into specific areas like fireplaces. 

Gates need to be adjustable and flexible; this is exactly what we chose for you.

We chose the baby gates that would provide the ultimate protection for your baby. 

Hard-mounted baby gates are better than pressure-mounted baby gates, and especially when you have to protect from such a sensitive area. 

We chose the hard-mounted baby gates for you and your baby that are easy to assemble.

We made sure that the baby gates we chose stood their time. 

According to the customer review, parents have loved these gates, and they proved to be excellent baby gear, and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

Following were the points we kept in mind while choosing the best baby gates for the fireplace:

  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Wide
  • Long
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe to use
  • Price
  • Availability 

Keep reading to find the best gates for your baby to protect them from the fireplace.

KidCo Safety Gate


Why We Love It

Are you looking for the best baby gate to protect your little one from the fireplace areas? Then, we have chosen the perfect one just for you!

This hearth gate was designed to protect your baby from reaching the fireplaces and other hot surfaces.

There is no better way to babyproof fireplaces than placing a full coverage baby gate around it that cannot be easily toppled.

The baby fireplace gate locks itself every time to give extra protection and safety to your baby.

The extra length of this fireplace baby gate gives you a custom fit. You can fit this fireplace gate according to your desired measurements.

What You Should Know

KidCo Fireplace Baby Gate is a hardware-mounted baby gate made with heavy-duty and a standard six-foot hearth.

This smart stay-open door can protect your baby from hot surfaces, fireplaces, gas starter keys, or sharp edges.

The stay-open feature holds the door open and suspends the auto-lock feature until it is pushed close.

All these hardware-mounted baby gate joints easily rotate and lock themselves for secure protection.

The handle is designed with magnet technology that automatically closes the door and locks it every time. 

The wall mounts of this hardware gate have a quick-release feature, and it is a two-way door.

Premium Pick

KidCo Safety Gate

  • Wall-mounted
  • Hardware mounted
  • Safety locking features
  • Smart stay open door
  • Magnetic Chalkboard
  • Sturdy 

Regalo 76 Inch Super Wide Baby Gate


Why We Love It

Are you looking for the best low-price and budget-friendly safety gate for a wood-burning fireplace area in your home? 

Then, Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate is a perfect solution for you.

This extra wide baby safety gate will fit in most places, especially the fireplace, to protect your kid from their curiosity leading to hurting themselves.

This is one of the best fireplace baby gates configurable to adjust it according to your desired position and measurement.

The material of this fireplace baby gate is durable and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about this gate breaking or eroding anytime soon.

What You Should Know

The Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate includes three wide configurable panels 24 inches long, which is a perfect solution to protect your little one from hot surfaces.

This extra-wide baby gate can fit in openings from 28-76 inches. It is a walk-through gate with a safety locking feature.

The configurable panels can be adjusted to fit any desired opening in your house. It is excellent for angled openings, wide spaces, fireplaces, or even hallways. 

The all-steel design makes it a durable and sturdy baby gate to keep the baby safe. 

This baby fireplace gate is wall mounted for added security and protection. It is for children from 6 to 24 months.

It has a 16-inch door for pass-through. It is a hardware-mounted gate that requires drilling holes in the wall.

Budget Pick

Regalo 76 Inch Super Wide Baby Gate

  • Hardware mounted
  • Wall mounted
  • 3 configurable panels
  • All-steel design
  • Safety locking feature
  • Easy to use 

Costzon Baby Safety Gate


Why We Love It

As a parent, you’re always worried about your kid’s safety, especially when you have a fireplace. Finally, we have a perfect solution for you!

Costzon Baby Safety Gate is one of the best fireplace baby gates in the market, so we have picked this as our’ best value’. 

This baby gate is sturdy and provides safety to prevent your babies from overturning the fence.

It can not only be used to protect your baby, but if you have a pet, this baby gate can also be used to protect your pet from going near fireplaces.

The safety locking features add extra safety for your baby to prevent them from opening the baby gate.

What You Should Know

This fireplace baby gate is made from steel and nylon plastic. It is a versatile baby gate that protects babies from potentially dangerous areas.

This fireplace baby gate can create a spacious and multifunctional play area. Babies aged from 6-24 months can enjoy their playtime inside.

You can place this baby gate either indoors or outdoors. Moreover, it is a perfect solution to protect your babies from fireplaces and certain areas.

This baby gate folds flat, and the compact size of this folded baby gate will take up little space in your storage area. 

Moreover, you can take this versatile baby gate anywhere with you.

You can adjust the angles between the door panels, and the fence can be easily adjusted into different panels, like a circular play area.

This fireplace baby gate is made of very sturdy steel pipes and various connectors that make sure this baby gate is stable and can not get overturned by the baby.

It is easy to assemble. You only need to unfold it and adjust it.

Best Value

Costzon Baby Safety Gate

  • Steel material
  • Foldable design
  • Adjustable shape
  • Durable material
  • Easy assembly
  • Pet gate
  • Play yard

Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate


Why We Love It

Out of all the baby gates in the market, we picked the longest and most beloved baby gate for you!

This is super wide and adjustable, so it can be adjusted in any area of your house to provide maximum safety to your baby.

Nothing is more stressful for parents than babies going near fireplaces. This baby gate is the perfect solution to ease your stress.

This is a walk-through door for the ease and convenience of the parents, and it provides a safety locking feature to protect your baby.

This baby gate wall mounts to be more sturdy and stable to protect your baby.

What You Should Know

This super wide baby gate opens up to 192 inches wide and stands 28 inches tall. This is a two-in-one baby gate that you can use around the fireplace.

This is one of the best fireplaces baby gates to protect your baby from certain areas.

It can also be transformed into an 8-panel play area to give your baby a safe space to play within a set boundary.

This walk-through door is designed with a safety locking feature for the child’s safety.

The extension panels can be adjusted to fit almost any opening. It can be fitted into wide spaces, angled openings, hallways, and fireplaces.

Though this is an extra-wide gate, it folds flat in a compact style to fit into even small areas for your convenience.

This hardware-mounted gate requires drilling holes and a 16 inches wide door so you can easily pass through it. 

Our Pick

Regalo Super Wide Baby Gate

  • Safety
  • Configurable
  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Play yard
  • Extra wide gate 

Dreambaby Royale Play Yard


Why We Love It

Are you looking for the best fireplace baby gate that protects your baby and is also lightweight and portable?

If you as a family go from place to place and need a portable fireplace baby gate, then I have picked Dreambaby Royale Play Yard just for you!

With this fireplace baby gate, your baby is safe wherever you go!

This safety gate is a perfect solution for fireplace safety. The tall and sturdy metal is ideal for a child’s safety.

So buy this baby gate now to keep your baby safe and your life as a parent easier!

What You Should Know

This baby gate is a perfect solution for modern-day problems like a wood-burning fireplace. 

This baby gate’s measurements are 151 inches wide and 29 inches tall. 

This includes modular 6-panels. One of the panels of this baby gate has a convenient walk-through door. You can even purchase additional panels if needed.

This baby gate is a 3-in-1 play yard gate and perfect portable baby gear. You can fold it up quickly when you don’t need it.

You can transform this simple baby gate into a play area of an extra-wide baby gate.

It has a stay-open door and is made of durable, sturdy metal, which keeps it more stable.

Our Pick

Dreambaby Royale Play Yard

  • Extra-wide
  • 6 modular panels
  • Walk-through door
  • Portable
  • Versatile 

Best Fireplace Baby Gate FAQs

We love fireplaces, but they can be potentially dangerous if you have a baby. 

Nothing is out of reach from the baby’s hand, so you need solid safety gear to protect your baby from going near the fireplace.

So we researched and listed the best baby gates that protect your fireplaces and other hot areas.

This way, you don’t have to panic whenever your baby is in a lounge room with a fireplace.

You can go through these questions if you still need clarification about the best baby option. They will give more clarity.

Can you use a baby gate for a fireplace?

Baby gates are perfect to use in front of a fireplace. It keeps your curious babies away from hurting themselves. 

How do you babyproof a fireplace?

There are many ways to babyproof a fireplace, but the most effective one is to place a baby gate or a glass door to your fireplace. 

Baby gates keep your child at a distance, and the good ones do not topple over, giving your baby all the protection they need. 

What can I use instead of baby gates?

Instead of baby gates, you can use half doors. Some parents just cut the door in half and use each half as a baby gate.

Can you install a baby gate without drilling?

Yes, you can install baby gates without drilling. People often install pressure-mounted baby gates that are fixed just by using pressure. 

How do you make a brick fireplace safe for babies?

The best way to babyproof a brick fireplace is by using configuring gates. They deny access to both the hearth and the fire.

How do I make a gas fireplace safe for kids?

To make a gas fireplace safe for kids, you must have a safety screen over the glass. The safety screen gets attached directly to the fireplace, making it safe for kids.

At what age do you no longer need baby gates?

At the age of 2, you no longer need baby gates. You can remove the baby gates when your baby is conscious enough not to go near the fireplace.

Is there a baby gate that doesn’t require screws?

Pressure-mounted gates do not require screws to fix them in the doors or walls. With the correct measurement, this baby gate will stand up tightly, pushed against the walls. 

Are pressure-mounted baby gates safe?

For fireplaces, pressure-mounted gates are not safe for babies. Babies can quickly push them down, which endangers them from being exposed to the fireplace.

Are ventless fireplaces safe for babies? 

The ventless fireplaces emit tiny amounts of carbon monoxide, which can harm sensitive individuals like babies. 

Best Fireplace Baby Gate For You

By now, you must decide which fireplace gate is best for you, considering the size and measurement required by certain areas in your home. 

If you want to know more about fireplaces’ baby gates, then watch the YouTube video below. 

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    KidCo Safety Gate

    • Wall-mounted
    • Hardware mounted
    • Safety locking features
    • Smart stay open door
  • Budget Pick

    Regalo 76 Inch Super Wide Baby Gate

    • Hardware mounted
    • Wall mounted
    • 3 configurable panels
    • All-steel design
  • Best Value

    Costzon Baby Safety Gate

    • Foldable design
    • Adjustable shape
    • Durable material
    • Easy assembly

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