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Best Baby Sleep Sacks That Are Actually Safe For Your Babies

by Blake Lawrence

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Has your baby grown out of a traditional swaddle blanket? 

Are you worried about how you will keep your baby warm and safe.

Many options available in the market claim to prevent your babies from getting cold, like traditional blankets.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned parents about using loose bedding, which can lead to sudden infant death syndrome. 

Babies not even a year old should not be provided with loose bedding. 

So, if not loose blankets, what do you do to ensure your baby sleeps safely at night? 

What product do you buy that keeps your baby warm throughout the night without suffocating them?

How do you know which option is perfect for you and your baby?

Well, you’ve landed in the right place. 

One product that is most hyped in the market of baby sleep products right now is sleep sacks!

Sleep sacks, also called wearable blankets, mimic the traditional swaddle blanket. 

However, it offers many incredible features to make your baby safe and warm throughout the night.

According to our research, the features of sleep sacks will make your life much easier!

There are many types of sleep sacks in the market, like standard sleep sacks, sleeveless, swaddle, weighted sleep sacks, and traditional sleep sacks.

So, if your baby has shown signs of rolling over, it is a sign that they’re graduated from swaddling, and it’s time to move on to sleep sacks.

If you’re wondering how you choose the best sleep sacks for your baby according to your budget, then don’t worry! 

We did in-depth research to find the best sleep sacks products you need. 

If you have a newborn baby and you’re looking for swaddling blankets, click here to find the best soft bamboo blankets to keep your baby warm.

Keep reading to learn more about how we chose the best sleep sacks for you and how you can decide which option is ideal!

How We Choose The Best Sleep Sacks

Though all baby sleep sacks have the same function, many come in different varieties in fabric, design, and other features like sleeves. 

While researching, we were looking for the best sleep sacks in the baby sleep products market that parents were drooling over.

We wanted to find options that would give babies as much safety, comfort, and convenience to parents.

We looked into reviews, customer ratings, and even price ranges because we all benefit from the fantastic sleep sacks in the market.

We have included sleep sacks with long sleeves and sleeveless so parents can choose whatever they prefer.

Baby’s skin can be sensitive, so we made sure to choose a soft fabric made from safe material so their skin is not contacted with any allergens. 

Many times during the night, babies require a quick diaper change.

However, it can be frustrating for mommies to pull off the entire sleep sack, change the diaper, and put it on again.

This is why we made sure to include sleep sacks with zippers and fasteners so that diaper change can be quick and easy. 

We kept the following points in mind while selecting the best sleep sacks for your babies.

  • Fabric
  • Softness
  • Thermal overall grade
  • Material
  • Breathable
  • Price
  • Customer ratings
  • Reviews  

Love To Dream Swaddle Up


Why We Love It

Traditional swaddling prevents the natural positions of the baby, which can be frustrating for them.

The baby’s natural position is to sleep with arms up. This is why Love To Dream Swaddle Up is a perfect modern-day swaddle for your baby.

This sleep sack provides the perfect natural sleeping position for your baby, making them feel like they’re still in the womb.

This natural position will calm them and make them feel safe throughout the night.

What You Should Know

This Love To Dream Sleep Sack is one of the best baby sleep sacks to keep your baby warm and comfortable throughout the night.

It has patented wings that allow their babies to sleep in their natural arms up position.

It allows enough movement for the baby to self-soothe themselves. Also, it will enable the baby to calm their startle reflex.

This four-way stretch fabric is made from cotton and elastane. Also, this lightweight baby sleep sack provides enough leg room for the baby.

It has a two-way zipper which allows for an easy diaper change, making night convenient for mommies. 

It fits snugly and does not contain harmful chemicals, making it a safe choice. 

It weighs 7 to 13 pounds. 

Premium Pick

Love To Dream Swaddle Up

  • Soft
  • Easy to use
  • Legroom
  • Lightweight 
  • Two-way zipper

Simple Joys by Carter’s Sack


Why We Love It

Are you looking for the best deal on baby sleep sacks that are also budget-friendly? Look no further because we have just picked Simple Joys by Carter’s Sack for you!

For those who want to avoid swaddles and find an alternative to baby sleep sacks, this wearable blanket is perfect for your baby.

It keeps your baby warm and comfortable all night. There is no overheating and proper airflow, so it is entirely safe for babies.

This gown is perfect for parents looking for sleep sacks to keep their babies cozy so they can sleep peacefully through the night.

It comes with adorable designs and a great color palette. Your little one will look like an angel sleeping in this sleep sack. 

What You Should Know

Simple Joys by Carter’s have the cutest sleep sacks available for your baby at the most budget-friendly price.

This product includes two nightgowns with cat and animal designs on them. It is made up of polyester, which can be machine-washed.

The fabric is soft and breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your baby being suffocated during the night. 

This micro fleece wearable blanket has a zipper closure and interior zipper guard to keep your baby’s skin safe.

Budget Pick

Simple Joys by Carter’s Sack

  • Zipper closure
  • Microfleece
  • Machine wash 
  • Long sleeves 
  • Polyester

TILLYOU Sleep Sack


Why We Love It

TILLYOU Sleep Sack is the best sleep sack available at the most affordable price.

It is perfect for warmer seasons and climates and gives the best cozy hand-feel. 

It is the softest sleep sack available in the market, so we chose this product as our best value pick.

The natural premium cotton of this sleep sack is softer than other cotton materials available in the market.

It is warm enough for winter and cool enough for summer, so it is perfect for every kind of weather.

What You Should Know

This baby sleep slack is made up of the best and most natural premium cotton, which makes it the softest fabric available in the market.

They are safe to use and flame-resistant. In addition, it has a two-way zipper design, making diaper changes easier for tired mothers. 

Babies have a natural habit of chewing everything they can grab, so the zipper has a protective cover that prevents the baby from chewing. 

It is recommended for the age range of birth to 24 months. It has four size options available. 

It is easy to clean, and it’s machine washable. Also, it is long-lasting.

Best Value

TILLYOU Sleep Sack

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Zipper closure
  • Natural cotton
  • Ultra-soft 

Burt’s Bees Baby Sack


Why We Love It

Do you love buying organic clothes and products for your baby? Are you tired of finding no good option in the market?

We’ve got your back because we found this Burt’s Bees Baby Sack just for you!

This Burt’s Bees Sleepsack is the perfect organic sack to help your baby sleep comfortably.

This arms-out sleep sack is extra soft and free from harsh chemicals, so you don’t have to worry because it is entirely safe to use.

Other sleep sacks are designed for warmer climates, but Burt’s Bees created a sleep sack for your baby that is perfect for different temperatures.

It covers your sleeping baby snugly and helps them sleep comfortably.

What You Should Know

Burt’s Bees wearable blankets are made from organic cotton and are free from harmful chemicals for the baby.

It has a zipper closure with an interior zipper guard, so the zipper doesn’t have harsh contact with the baby’s skin.

It is extra long so the baby can have free movement of the legs and hips inside.

The inverted zipper of this best organic sleep sack makes it easy for a diaper change routine at night.

 The overall thermal grade of this sleep sack is 0.5. This is both lightweight and heavyweight, so it is fit for any weather.

This breathable sleep sack has soft fabric and adorable print designs on them. It can also be machine-washed.

Our Pick

Burt’s Bees Baby Sack

  • Machine wash
  • Zipper closure
  • Inverted zipper
  • Extra-long
  • 0.5 TOG

HALO Disney Sleepsack Swaddle


Why We Love It

If you’re looking for the most popular sleep sack that hospitals trust, look no further because we have picked HALO Disney Sleepsack Swaddle for you!

This is the number one recommended choice and is beloved by both doctors and parents, so you can rest assured that your baby is safe with this sleep sack to swaddle.

This Halo Sleep Sack is hip-healthy to promote the healthy development of your baby’s body.

Organic cotton makes it breathable and soft on your baby’s skin to keep it cozy.

This is one of the best sleep sacks for babies, which is perfect for keeping your baby warm. It is exactly what you need for winter nights.

What You Should Know

This sleep sack has a cute mickey overlay with an overall thermal grade of 1.5, which is perfect for keeping your baby warm without overheating them.

This best baby sleep sack is recommended for babies from birth to three months. 

It has a two-way zipper. The inverted zipper is a very convenient feature of this sleep sack, making diaper changes easy at night.

It is hip-healthy, providing enough movement for legs instead of keeping them still in a place.

The sleeveless design of the baby sleep sack is very versatile. This swaddle can be adjusted according to the baby’s sleep style, like arms in, hand-to-face, or arms out.

This sleep sack is made from organic cotton, and it has no chemicals added to the material. It comes in a lot of other colors, designs, and sizes.

Our Pick

HALO Disney Sleepsack Swaddle

  • Inverted zipper
  • Cotton sleep sack
  • Hip healthy
  • Two-way zipper
  • Versatile 

Amazing Baby Transitional Swaddle Sack


Why We Love It

Are you looking for the best sleep sack for your baby for a cold night? Then, we have the perfect fit for you!

This is perfect if you’re looking for a swaddle-style sleep sack because it will give you the best of both swaddling and sleep sacks.

Not only does it provide unique features, but it is also budget-friendly. These sleep sacks will give your baby the best sleep without you breaking the bank.

It has won the Parent’s Picks award, which clearly shows how reliable and beloved this baby sleep product is.

The breathable fabric of this sleep sack will make your baby comfortable throughout the night and also fits snuggly.

What You Should Know

It is the best baby sleep sack made of cotton, perfect for babies who have started to switch from traditional swaddling.

It has half-length, uniquely shaped sleeves with mitten cuffs. The mitten cuffs partially repress the startle reflex to prevent babies’ jerky movements during the night.

It has a round sack design which allows for leg support and movement. In addition, the 2-way zipper allows for easy diaper changes during the night.

It is a breathable, soft, and stretchy sleep sack for babies. The single layer of cotton prevents overheating, which is also a good option for summer.

This perfect sleep sack fits snugly on the baby’s body, providing comfort to the baby throughout the night.

Our Pick

Amazing Baby Transitional Swaddle Sack

  • Foldover mitten cuffs
  • Two-way zipper
  • Snugly fit
  • Cotton 

Ely’s & Co. Wearable Blanket


Why We Love It

Nobody wants to spend so many dollars on baby gear, especially when great deals like Ely’s & Co. Wearable Blankets are available in the market.

This wearable blanket is a great sleep sack that will be a perfect partner for your baby during those long, chilly nights.

This standard sleep sack is lightweight and soft on your baby’s skin, so you don’t have to worry about your baby suffocating. 

This wearable blanket keeps your baby’s arms free to allow them free movement during the night.

This product has two wearable blankets at a great price. In addition, it includes amazing features to keep your baby warm throughout the night. 

What You Should Know

This is one of the best baby sleep sacks made from cotton, which is machine washable and dryer safe.

The age range for this sleep sack is 6-12 months. Also, this sleep sack weighs 17 to 22 pounds.

It is one of the best sleeveless sleep sacks that is lightweight and durable to prevent your child from overheating at night.

It has a high-quality zipper and ensures reliable fastening.

It has a solid gray sleep bag paired with a sparkling galaxy of shimmering gray stars set on white and interlock cotton. 

Our Pick

Ely’s & Co. Wearable Blanket

  • 6-12 months 
  • Two sleep sacks
  • Lightweight
  • Durable 

Best Baby Sack FAQs

Many mothers use traditional swaddling techniques and heavy blankets for newborns. 

Whereas researchers warn the use of blankets can have severe repercussions for babies.

They can overheat and suffocate babies. In addition, sometimes, we tend to wrap babies in so many layers, which can lead to sudden death. 

Babies require a lot of care and serious attention. However, caring for babies can become convenient when you’re using the right kind of baby gear.

For sleeping, the best baby gear is baby sleep sacks.

Sleep sacks protect your babies and keep them safe, comfortable, and cozy during the night.

We have listed the best baby sleep sacks, so you don’t have to worry about searching the market for suitable options.

If you still need clarification, then refer to the questions below.

These are the frequently asked questions by parents when they are purchasing the best baby sleep sacks.

They will clear up your confusion and give you some clarity.

What should you look for in a baby sleep sack?

There are many things you need to consider in a baby sleep sack. Although weight is one of the essential elements, some sleep sacks are heavyweight and lightweight.

If you want your sleep sack to turn into a swaddle, then it is also something you need to consider.

The overall thermal grade of the sleep sack will also tell you how warm the fabric is. 

What are important safety considerations with a baby sleep sack?

Consider if health professionals approve of the sleep sacks you are choosing. 

While using sleep sacks, ensure your babies are not covered in multiple layers because heavily layered babies are at an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Baby’s face shouldn’t be covered too.

Are weighted sleep sacks safe?

The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that any weighted sleep sacks or swaddles are unsafe for babies to use.

When should babies stop wearing sleep sacks?

It depends on the weight and the size of the sleep sack. However, using a sleep sack for at least 12 months is better.

Are baby sleep sacks recommended?

Sleep sacks are generally considered safer than blankets since they are more breathable. They allow your baby to move more freely and push themselves up when they start to roll over.

How do I choose a sleep sack?

You should choose a baby blanket that is neither too loose nor too tight and comes in an ideal fit. Choose a baby blanket with soft and lightweight fabric that provides your baby warmth.

Do babies wear anything under their sleeping sacks?

Babies can wear anything under a sleep sack, from diapers to overalls.

Do babies’ arms get cold in sleep sacks?

Sleep sacks are often sleeveless, so yes, they do get cold.

Do you put pajamas under sleep sacks?

Yes, you can put footie pajamas on babies under sleep sacks.

Why are sleep sacks sleeveless?

Baby sleep sacks do not have sleeves on them for free circulation of airflow to prevent babies from getting overheated.

Are sleep sacks better than blankets?

Yes, sleep sacks are better than blankets because they prevent suffocating and overheating of the child, which can lead to SIDS. 

Is a sleep sack warm enough?

Yes, the overall thermal grade of a sleep sack will tell you how warm it is. However, organic cotton is soft on the skin in warmer weather, and lightweight sleep sacks will be a good option.

Why are sleep sacks so popular?

Sleep sacks give your babies a comfortable night’s sleep by regulating the body’s temperature.

Can being too cold cause SIDS?

Yes, there is a risk of SIDS during freezing weather, so parents need to take precautions and keep their baby warm by using sleep sacks or swaddles.

Best Sleep Sacks For You

There is a lot of variety in the market for baby sleep sacks. Many come in long lengths, arms-free, sleeveless, and standard sizes. In addition, they vary in fabric material and designs.

We hope you have gathered helpful information about sleep sacks and you can make better decisions for yourself and your baby according to your desires and budget.

If you want to learn more about sleep sacks, click on the YouTube video below.

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    Love To Dream Swaddle Up

    • Easy to use
    • Legroom
    • Lightweight 
    • Two-way zipper
  • Budget Pick

    Simple Joys by Carter’s Sack

    • Zipper closure
    • Microfleece
    • Machine wash 
    • Long sleeves
  • Best Value

    TILLYOU Sleep Sack

    • Durable
    • Easy to clean
    • Zipper closure
    • Natural cotton

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