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Best Baby Mittens That Are Cute And Extra Warm 

by Vanessa Foster

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Do you know that putting mittens on avoids unnecessary ouches? Do you find it challenging to keep those tiny hands warm in winter?

Mittens are specifically designed to address such issues. They simply safeguard your child’s fingers from harm by keeping them covered. 

You’ll also feel more at peace knowing your baby is protected.

Baby mittens resemble tiny sleeping bags for babies’ hands more than gloves, and they don’t have a thumb.

Between their nails and their faces, the silky cloth serves as a cushion to avoid scratching.

These mittens keep the baby’s hands warm and protect from razor-sharp nail cuts.  

Baby fingers appear to wiggle and develop by the minute, so you should buy a pair with room for them.

This article lists the 5 best baby mittens that enable you to choose the best baby mittens that stay on and shield your infant from damage. In addition, they can be a perfect gift for a baby reveal. 

We have chosen the best baby winter mittens by keeping their warm fleece material, super soft cotton quality, and price in mind. 

How We Choose The Best Baby Mittens

You can take comfort in knowing your kid isn’t hurting their face or feeling too cold when you buy high-quality, cozy hand mittens.

Many brands care about your baby’s delicate skin and are dedicated to keeping their little nails secured in a safe environment. 

We have made it our mission to identify them all!

The best baby mittens should be made of 100% organic cotton or a highly breathable cotton blend because your baby’s tiny fingertips can become sweaty.

Since we want those mittens to remain in place, velcro or a wide elastic strap will do for straps.

The factors listed below should be taken into account when selecting toddler winter mittens:

  • Provide great coverage
  • Organic soft, and natural
  • Warmth
  • Water-resistant 
  • Machine washable
  • Safety
  • Durable
  • Material 
  • Velcro closure
  • Elastic cuff

The baby mittens that fulfill the above checklist are listed below:

HAPIU Baby No Scratch Mittens Stay On


Why We Love It

HAPIU Baby No Scratch Mittens Stay On is a perfect blend of cuteness and style. 

Due to their adjustability, these baby mittens can be made looser as the child grows or made tighter to prevent the infant from taking them off. 

You may use these useful mittens as your baby grows because they are available in sizes three months apart. 

The best part about these mittens is that they will make your kid feel comfortable in any season because they are made with very breathable material.

What You Should Know

HAPIU Baby No Scratch Mittens are anti-scratch baby mittens made to stop hazardous scratching and thumb-sucking. 

They are also very helpful for conditions like eczema, dry skin, itchy skin, hair pulling, NG feeding tubes, and squeezing while breastfeeding.

It is made with 100% Combed, and Ring-Spun Cotton is ideal for all seasons since it is softer, breathable, and suited for no-pill washing.

These mittens keep your little child cool in the summer and toasty in the winter.

Premium Pick

HAPIU Baby No Scratch Mittens Stay On

  • Breathable fabric 
  • 100% soft cotton 
  • Prevent scratches 
  • Variety of Sizes 

Burt’s Bees Baby Unisex Baby Mittens


Why We Love It

If your baby doesn’t like to wear mittens and takes them off every time, this is for you. 

Burt’s bees baby unisex mittens are perfect in terms of wearability. 

We love the soft elastic fit that provides a grip on the palm and doesn’t come off easily. Parents prefer it because of the cuteness factor.

Your baby can even wear it at night while sleeping. This is perfect if you want a baby mitten that fulfills its purpose and can be used for that short span.

What You Should Know

Burt’s bees baby unisex mittens are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and soft. 

The material prevents sweating. Your baby can wear it in winter, keeping these tiny hands warm. 

These are the best organic baby mittens made with cotton and are machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning. 

Simply put the gloves in the machine and wash them.

Best Value

Burt’s Bees Baby Unisex Baby Mittens

  • Pull-on closure 
  • 100% organic cotton 
  • Breathable fabric 
  • Machine Washable  

Grow by Gerber Baby Mittens


Why We Love It

This adorable set will keep newborns cozy and secure because it is soft and practical. 

You can even gift this set on a baby reveal or after the baby is born. 

This mix-and-match baby set is made with cotton. It keeps your little one warm and is a perfect solution to prevent your baby from scratching their face. 

The good news for germaphobe parents is that it is machine washable, so you can clean it as often as you want. 

What You Should Know

These adorable and useful newborn mittens come in a 4-pack! These mittens are comfortable, secure, and simple to clean because they are made of 97% cotton and 3 % spandex. 

Mittens are kept in place to prevent scratching and offer a little more warmth thanks to the comfortable elastic strap and the ideal stretch.

These mittens are made with imported cotton. It has a pull-on closure for easy wearing. 

Budget Pick

Grow by Gerber Baby Mittens

  • Imported Cotton 
  • Easy to Wear 
  • Machine Washable 

Why We Love It

American Trend baby mittens are so adorable. We guarantee that your little one is going to love it. 

We love that it is made with 100% pure cotton, is gentle on the skin, pleasant, and gives the infant a cozy feeling.

The baby mittens come in just one size, most appropriate for infants between 0 and 6 months.

Each glove’s wrist is made of an elastic band that fits the baby’s little hands exceptionally well and is neither too tight nor too loose. 

What You Should Know

American Trends Newborn Baby Mitten’s design is advantageous for maintaining warmth since it stops cold air from entering.

Babies can use these medium-thick gloves all year round since they are comfortable. 

The heated mittens can be worn in air-conditioned spaces to ward off colds in the summer and stay warm in the winter. For babies, this glove is a need.

Due to the unique nature of the material, it is advised to hand wash the gloves in warm water, dry them naturally without using a dryer, and avoid using bleach.

Our Pick
  • 0-6 months size 
  • 100% pure cotton 
  • Hand wash only

Alepo Winter Mittens Gloves


Why We Love It

Alepo Winter Mittens Gloves immediately become our pick because the mittens’ outside is constructed entirely of premium acrylic, and their interior is lined with cozy thermal fleece. 

These are warm mittens, odorless, and made of environmentally safe, healthy materials. It is comfortable to wear. 

They would make carrying children or babies more pleasant.

Additionally, our children’s mittens have excellent flexibility, making them simple to put on and take off.

These cute color mittens protect the tiny nails and little fingers.

What You Should Know

There are two sizes available in these mittens: the small size 5.3″ x 2.95″ lying flat fits infants aged six to thirty-six months, and the big size (6.3″ x 3.5″ lying flat) suits toddlers aged three to eight.

Additionally, it may offer ample space for children’s fingers to move freely and pleasantly and the optimum warming effect on chilly winter days.

These winter mittens for toddlers offer a fashionable design that will look great on your little ones. 

Several color options are simple to match your baby’s winter and cold-weather apparel.

Our Pick

Alepo Winter Mittens Gloves

  • Available in 2 size 
  • Warming effect 
  • Elastic cuffs 

Best Baby Mittens FAQs

It is difficult to keep your baby warm and safe from scratches. 

Babies are so small and delicate that they can’t tell you what they need. They always need more warmth and protection, but keeping them warm and safe simultaneously is tricky.

Baby mittens are the perfect solution for keeping your baby warm and safe from scratches. 

Baby mittens provide warmth for your baby’s little hands and protect them from their tiny but razor-sharp nails. 

Use these mittens to keep your baby happy, healthy, and warm!

If you still need to be made aware of the importance of baby mittens, then read the following FAQs. 

Are Newborn Baby Mittens Good?

Because of their continual uncontrollable movements, babies frequently tend to scratch themselves. By wearing gloves, you can solve this problem and stop your infant from injuring themselves.

How Long Should A Baby Wear Mittens?

There is no specific time when you should remove the baby mitten. However, you must take them off for babies to develop sensory movement by touching the things in their surroundings. 

Do all newborns need mittens?

Not necessarily, Infants hardly ever require mittens. Healthy newborns often have bluish, chilly hands and feet, which does not bother them. Additionally, timely nail clipping helps prevent scratches.

When should newborns stop wearing mittens?

Some childcare experts believe newborns shouldn’t wear mittens beyond one month. Although it may seem too soon, your child can control his or her hands and legs by the time they are two.

Do mittens affect baby development?

Babies who frequently wear mittens to avoid scratching may not learn or grow as quickly or as completely as they could because they lack access to their fingers. So newborn baby mittens must only be worn sometimes.

Is it OK to put mittens on babies at night?

Yes! It is completely fine for newborns to sleep with mittens on. Since the baby can scratch their faces through continuous movements, baby mittens can protect them. 

Why shouldn’t newborns cover their hands?

Hand coverings prevent your infant from feeling touch. Many newborns like exploring their sense of touch right away by grasping for their parents’ hands, for example. They’ll keep touching whatever they can get their hands on.

How many pairs of mittens does a newborn need?

You can have as many mittens as you want for your little ones. However, one mitten is enough because they are used for significantly less duration. Many parents choose paladoo baby mittens because they are an excellent one-time purchase.

Should a 2-month-old wear mittens?

Babies should stop wearing mittens at one-month-old, according to several childcare experts. Although it may seem too early, your kid will have attained the necessary motor abilities to control their hands and legs by that time.

Should newborns wear mittens?

Hand mittens are beneficial for babies and their parents for several reasons. Baby fingernails may easily irritate the skin since they are so sharp, especially if they need to be filed or clipped. 

As they acquire motor abilities, infants frequently make restless motions with their hands toward their faces.

Best Baby Mittens For You

Now you know our best recommendation for baby mittens to protect those tiny hands. Parents often get confused because of the number of options available in the market. 

Some might look attractive, but attractiveness only cannot do the job. For your little one, you must consider a soft, cozy, and warm product. 

Our experts have done thorough research by comparing similar products, reading reviews, and parents’ recommendations. 

If you want to know more about baby mittens, then you can also watch this YouTube video. 

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    HAPIU Baby No Scratch Mittens Stay On

    • Breathable fabric 
    • 100% soft cotton 
    • Prevent scratches 
    • Variety of Sizes
  • Budget Pick

    Grow by Gerber Baby Mittens

    • Imported Cotton 
    • Easy to Wear 
    • Machine Washable
  • Best Value

    Burt’s Bees Baby Unisex Baby Mittens

    • Pull-on closure 
    • 100% organic cotton 
    • Breathable fabric 
    • Machine Washable  

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