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Best Baby Headphones That Actually Protect Your Baby’s Ears

by Wendy Sharp

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Do you live in a noisy environment, or do you like to travel a lot in airplanes? Do you find it challenging with a baby and worry about their ear’s health?

We can understand your struggle!

Babies below two years of age have sensitive ears, and their hearing abilities are still developing. 

It can be potentially damaging if these babies are exposed to irritable noise or travel in an airplane without ear protection. 

Several cases occur each year of noise-induced hearing loss in babies. It can impact your baby’s auditory development, and no parents can accept this for their baby.

There are irritable sounds around you, like theme parks, firework festivals, cinemas, subways, trains, vacuum cleaners, sporting events, and even airplanes.

But don’t worry, you’ve landed in the right place because we’ll tell you all about noise reduction baby gear.

We decided to go on a hunt to bring you the best baby headphones to protect your baby’s ears no matter what kind of loud environment you may live in. 

Whether you’re looking for a new baby shower gift or want to protect your baby from loud and irritable noises. 

We picked the best baby headphones in the market with an excellent noise reduction rating.

Keep reading to learn more about hearing protection for your baby.

How We Choose The Best Baby Headphones

If you’re a new parent, you’ll need clarification once you start searching in the market for the best noise-cancellation headphones. 

There is a lot of variety in the market, and only some products are a perfect fit for everyone.

This is why we researched in-depth to find the best noise-reduction headphones to protect your babies from loud environments and ear damage. 

Since the head of the babies is already too sensitive and developing, we made sure that these noise-canceling headphones we are choosing are time-tested and comfortable on the child’s head and ears.

Another important thing we considered was the noise reduction ratings of the headphones. 

They determine the effectiveness of the headphones by how much noise they can minimize. 

You cannot ignore the weight of the headphones. The noise-cancellation headphones should be lightweight to protect your baby’s skull.

Other safety and comfort features were also considered, like adjustable headrests, padded cushions, and no-pressure ear cups.

Following was the point we kept in mind while selecting the best noise-canceling headphones for babies:

  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Design
  • Noise reduction rating
  • Prices
  • Customer reviews
  • Ratings
  • Durability
  • Lightweight

Keep reading to learn about the best baby headphones we selected for you.

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection


Why We Love It

Do you want to protect your baby from the loud noises of the airplane flying? Then, we have the perfect fit for you!

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection is one of the ear protectors in the market for all the right reasons. 

They give maximum protection to your baby while traveling from the loud sounds of either flying planes or other everyday noises in your environment.

These best baby headphones provide protection and are super comfortable on your child’s ears.

You can carry these in a diaper bag and help your baby sleep peacefully everywhere they go.

What You Should Know

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection tops all other options regarding noise-canceling headphones for babies.

This infant ear protection lowers the exposure of the baby’s ear to loud noises in the environment. 

It has a soft and practical design and contains no hard parts to put pressure on your baby’s ears.

It is made from sustainable, hypoallergenic material for babies’ sensitive skin. It is free from BPA and causes no allergic reactions.

These noise-canceling headphones come with a little carry bag to carry them around with you.

It has an elastic headband that fits perfectly around your baby’s head for comfort wear. They are also very lightweight.

Premium Pick

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection

  • Elastic band
  • Little bag
  • Ultimate protection
  • Adjustable 
  • Soft ear cushion

Snug Baby Earmuffs


Why We Love It

We all love the best quality baby gear at an affordable price, like this Snug Baby Earmuffs.

We read the reviews, and parents swear by these affordable headphones when flying on an airplane.

Since the baby’s head is still vulnerable and demands ultimate protection, these best ear headphones fit snugly onto your head.

You don’t have to worry about your baby growing out of these headphones because these hearing protection headphones will grow with the baby.

So keep your baby cozy and protected with these Snuggly baby Earmuffs when you travel next time on an airplane.

What You Should Know

If you’re looking for the best noise-canceling headphones at an affordable price, then there is no better option than these Snuggly Baby Earmuffs.

These infant headphones are one of the best baby gear for hearing protection. 

They come with adjustable headbands that protect your baby from sounds louder than they can tolerate.

The adjustable head strap grows with your baby, so these ear muffs can be utilized even when your baby is above two years.

These infant headphones are also lightweight and portable, so you take them wherever you want.

These ear cushions are made by a socially conscious company that meets USA and European safety standards.

Budget Pick

Snug Baby Earmuffs

  • 0-2+
  • Adjustable headband 
  • Lightweight
  • Portable 

Friday 7Care Baby Ear Protection


Why We Love It

Are you looking for the best baby noise-canceling headphones to protect them from loud noises that won’t break the bank for you?

We have picked Friday 7Care Baby Headphones to protect your baby from any loud noise in its environment. 

These ear cups are the best baby headphones for comfort and protection.

The soft structure of these baby noise-canceling headphones will protect your baby’s skull and keep them comfortable for a long time.

Protect your babies’ ears from the damaging noise level of the environment with these ear protectors.

What You Should Know

If your baby has sensitive ears, then there is no better option than these best baby headphones.

These baby headphones offer multiple beneficial features at a significantly reduced price.

These infant headphones are recommended for babies from 0 to 2 years or above. 

The best part about these noise-canceling headphones is that they are adjustable and lightweight for hearing protection.

These best headphones have padded headbands, a thick shell, and a non-toxic ear cushion to protect your children’s ears from the noise level of loud events.

These children’s headphones offer two layers of sound-absorbing material, reducing noise 4 to 6 times. 

They come in green, blue, pink, or black colors, perfect for delicate ears. Also, it has a five years warranty.

Protect your baby’s health with the best baby ear headphones. This cushioned headband will protect your little one’s ears and let your baby fall asleep in no time.

Best Value

Friday 7Care Baby Ear Protection

  • Ear cuffs
  • Soft cushioned material
  • Padded head strap
  • No pressure

Baby Banz Earmuffs


Why We Love It

There is a lot of outside noise in today’s age, and the best way to protect your baby from that is by buying one of our best-selected Baby Banz Earmuffs.

We have read the reviews and are confident that you will love these baby ear muffs.

These infant headphones are one of the most popular in the baby gear world that will protect your baby from all kinds of loud sounds.

These noise-canceling earmuffs have a unique and stylish design that we love and are sure you will too.

Baby Banz is perfect for young babies and provides the best quality features, unlike other headphones.

So next time you’re flying with your baby, use these best headphones to protect your baby from any potential ear damage.

What You Should Know

This baby ear muff is the most trusted brand of parents worldwide regarding infants’ wear baby headphones.

Baby Banz Headphones have premium noise-blocking material with a noise reduction rating of 31 dB. 

These noise-canceling headphones for babies are perfect for 24 months and up.

These baby headphones have soft padded ear cushions to give your baby the most comfortable experience by reducing noise and protecting your little one’s head.

These hearing protection headphones are lightweight and durable.

Our Pick

Baby Banz Earmuffs

  • 31 dB noise reduction rating
  • Padded headband
  • Zero pressure
  • Lightweight

BBTKCARE Baby Headphones


Why We Love It

Do you want affordability and functionality both in noise-reduction baby headphones? Then, these BBTKCARE Baby Headphones are the best option for you!

These baby headphones protect your child’s ears from the loud noise of airplanes, fireworks, and other irritating noises.

This is the perfect baby gear for baby ear protection that cancels everyday environmental noise.

Give your baby the perfect nap time with these BBTKCARE Baby Headphones.

What You Should Know

These protection headphones are made from plastic and leather material. Leathers provide a soft and comfortable fit for your baby.

It has a soft padded design with zero pressure on your baby’s head. 

These best noise-canceling headphones will cover your baby’s ears perfectly to reduce the noise to a minimum. 

It also has an adjustable headrest, perfect for babies over four months old.

It has a 90-day warranty and will fit most head sizes.

Our Pick

BBTKCARE Baby Headphones

  • Various color options
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • 90-day warranty

Best Baby Headphones FAQs

Babies are the most vulnerable creatures on this planet and should be given the ultimate care and protection they need for good nurturing.

Baby’s ears are still developing when they are born, and they keep developing for the next two years, so any loud sounds in the environment can be potentially damaging.

They need ear protection headphones that protect them from any potential damage that loud sounds may cause.

We listed the best five baby headphones to make your search easy.

If you are still confused, then refer to the questions below.

These are the frequently asked questions parents ask when buying baby noise-canceling headphones. 

They will give you the clarity you need to make a better decision. 

Do babies need headphones on planes?

If you are bothered about the noisy environment of the planes disturbing your baby, consider buying noise-canceling headphones for your infant ear protection.

Do earmuffs help the baby on airplanes?

Baby’s ears are vulnerable to loud noises in airplanes, so baby earmuffs are the best baby gear for ear protection.

What helps baby ears on the plane?

Infant ear protection headphones are the best way to help baby ears on the plane.

Can babies wear noise-canceling headphones?

Instead of traditional music headphones, noise-canceling headphones are highly recommended for babies. They protect baby ears from everyday noise and prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

At what age do babies need headphones?

Baby ear protection headphones are recommended for babies aged 0-18 months. 

What sounds too loud for a baby?

Loud clocks, noisy toys, and games are too loud for babies. The noise reduction rating should not exceed 80-85 decibels. 

How do I tell if a noise is too loud for a baby?

Babies perceive sound differently than adults, so they are vulnerable to many noises that might be normal for adults. 

If your baby reacts slowly to loud noises, has difficulty understanding speech, or hears hissing sounds in the ear, then sounds might be too loud for your baby.

Can too much noise overstimulate the baby?

Yes, babies can get overstimulated by a lot of noise around them. They might even start crying and acting cranky.

Can white noise damage baby ears?

Excessive white noise exposure can potentially lead to noise-induced ear loss, and it can have many other complications.

 At what age are babies too sensitive to noise?

By four months, your baby will be sensitive to the noise in its environment.

Best Baby Headphones For You

Baby headphones are just as important as any other safety gear. They must not be avoided, especially while traveling on planes or in noisy areas.

We hope you have gathered helpful information about the best baby headphones and can make better decisions based on what fits you.

If you want to know more about the best baby headphones, click on the YouTube video below. 

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection

    • Elastic band
    • Little carry bag
    • Ultimate protection
  • Budget Pick

    Snug Baby Earmuffs

    • 0-2+
    • Adjustable headrest
    • Lightweight
  • Best Value

    Friday 7Care Baby Ear Protection

    • Ear cuffs
    • Ear cushion
    • Padded headband

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