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Best Baby Hangers That’ll Actually Organize Your Closet 

by Vanessa Foster

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Are you looking for baby gear items to add to your amazon registry

Or do you want to give something to your new mom friend and can’t think of anything

We got your back.

If you’re a new mom, you’ve probably bought thousands of clothes for your baby and got some even as a gift because nothing feels more delightful than buying small, cute clothes for little humans

Buying a sheer amount of baby clothes is fun and cute until you’ve no space left in your closet or find it too hard to organize them.

This is why we have curated the best hangers for your baby. 

Baby hangers can be convenient to keep your baby clothes coordinated and organized: another baby gear to make mom’s life easy!

So, if you want to learn more about hangers, continue reading.

How We Choose the Best Hangers For Your Baby

There are loads of baby hangers available in the market, which can be confusing. 

Some hangers tend to break a lot. If you have heavy winter clothes to hang, then they require sturdier material, whereas silk clothes require more soft material.

Before buying them, it is essential to look into the size of the hangers. 

If your hangers are too big for clothes, they will stretch out the fabric, and the garment will lose all its structure and foam. 

So while researching, we ensured that hangers are the perfect size for baby clothes.

Another important thing is the material that you’re choosing. Baby clothes have different fabrics, and not every hanger fits every fabric. 

If you want to hang heavy clothes, you need a sturdier material. On the other hand, if you own some silky garments, you need a hanger with a more soft cloth to prevent slipping.

Following are the points we kept in mind while choosing the best hangers:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Availability
  • Price
  • Quality 

Keep reading to learn about the best baby hangers to keep your closet organized.

Fayleeko Wire Hangers


Why We Love It

Are you looking for perfect hangers to coordinate your baby’s clothes? Then, Fayleeko Wire Hangers are the ideal solution we have for you!

The weight of the fabric bends the most hangers, but the material of Fayleeko hangers is so sturdy that it will last longer than any other pair of hangers.

It is safe to use and prevents screeching your baby’s clothes, unlike other hangers that can ruin clothes with their wired nooks.

These hangers will prevent your clothes from falling and causing a massive mess in the cupboard. 

What You Should Know

These wire hangers are made of 100% stainless steel, so hangers are much sturdier than plastic or wood hangers. 

They are waterproof and can be used anywhere from the bedroom, closet, bathroom, laundry room, and much more.

These heavy-duty hangers are narrow, so they are perfect for saving space in your closet, and making room for more clothes. 

Your wardrobe will look much more elegant and clean with these hangers.

These hangers will not make the clothes slip away, and these hangers are far from rusting and decaying.

There are 30 hangers in this pack. They are 16.5 inches wide and 3.2 mm thick.

Premium Pick

Fayleeko Wire Hangers

  • Heavy duty
  • Ultra-thin
  • Steel
  • Durable 

Delta Infant & Toddler Hangers


Why We Love It

Are you looking for the best hangers but also budget-friendly? Then, we picked Delta Infant and Toddler Hangers just for you!

They come in the perfect size to fit your baby’s clothes and hold pants and shirts perfectly without taking up much space inside.

These lightweight hangers will help you organize your little cupboard with style. 

These hangers will leave enough room for even more adorable clothes for your baby and have reinforced edges, so don’t worry about scratched clothes.

What You Should Know

Delta Infant and Toddler Hangers are the most durable hangers in the market.

They are ultra-slim and sleek and do a fantastic job saving more space in the closet space.

These hangers were designed to keep your children’s clothes in their original shape without stretching them out.

These hangers can suit any time of cloth item, including jackets, shirts, dresses, rompers, and other baby items.

The grooves of the hangers were built to facilitate different kids’ clothes, like spaghetti straps, tank tops, and dresses. 

The durable plastic of these hangers is long-lasting, so do not fret about them breaking.

This pack comes with 30 clothes hangers. The size of the hangers includes 11.25 inches long and 6.5 inches height.

Budget Pick

Delta Infant & Toddler Hangers

  • Lightweight
  • Variety in colors
  • Durable plastic material
  • Plastic
  • Ultra-slim 

Baby Nest Hangers


Why We Love It

Make children’s clothes organized and a work of art with these Baby Nest Hangers in your little one’s closet.

This is a perfect baby gear item to add to your amazon registry or to give your new mom friend to make her life a little easier.

These clothes hangers will prevent clothes from slipping and falling, making sure your baby’s closet is organized or coordinated all the time.

They will keep your clothes firmly in their place, and you’ll love them.

What You Should Know

These clothes hangers are made of velvet material to keep your baby’s clothes firmly in place. In addition, they will prevent the clothes from slipping and sliding from the hangers.

This is a set of 5 matching blue hangers. However, they come in various colors that complement any wardrobe. 

Each baby hanger is 16 inches long, perfect to fit in baby’s clothes without stretching them out.

The velvet material allows you to hang on any heavy material without fretting about the clothes hangers breaking away.

Best Value

Baby Nest Hangers

  • Velvety finish
  • 16 inches long
  • Firm
  • Sturdy 

Minnebaby Hangers


Why We Love It

Are you looking for a baby gear item that provides practical solutions to your busy life? Then, we have picked one for you!

Minnebaby Hangers are a perfect addition to your little one’s closet to make it look less messy and more organized.

Regarding baby items, clothes surpass them in quantity, so Minnebaby hangers keep them coordinated for you. The swivel hook is another bonus feature of this international hanger.

The velvet surface of these clothes hangers will prevent the clothes from slipping away. In addition, the innovative design of these hangers will leave you dazzled.

What You Should Know

These clothes hangers come in adorable dividers to fix your closet. The labels are divided according to the ages of the baby to create organized sections.

The velvety surface of the hangers features notched shoulders that help prevent the clothes from slipping away or falling.

They are ultra-slim and small. These clothes hangers were specifically designed to maximize space in your closet for as many clothes as possible. 

The dividers of these clothes hangers are made from durable plastic with a double-sided design surrounding your closet rod.

This package includes 30 hangers and measures 11.06 ✕ 6.69 ✕ ⅕ inches with a chrome swivel hook.

Our Pick

Minnebaby Hangers

  • Anti-rust
  • Durable
  • Notched shoulders
  • Velvet 
  • Labeled dividers 
  • Chrome swivel hook

Kidorable Green Hangers


Why We Love It

As the name says, these Kidorable Green Wooden Hangers are the most adorable set of hangers we found in the market.

They provide the functions of organizing clothes and adding some cuteness and style to your baby’s closet.

These hangers are a perfect addition to a baby’s bedroom or nursery.

Kidorable adds extra effort to make baby products exciting for babies and convenient for parents.

Have a nice, clean, organized baby closet with the ideal set of Kidorable Green Hangers.

What You Should Know

Kidorable hangers are lead-free wooden, perfect for assembling and sorting clothes.

This set includes five hangers in a medium size. 

The hangers have been hand-painted with cute designs and a dinosaur to make them look more baby-friendly.

These strong hangers made from wood will fit perfectly in your baby’s clothes. The perfect size will prevent them from slipping away or stretching out.

The wooden material is sturdier enough to also carry the weight of heavy clothes without breaking.

They are safe with soft round edges and won’t scratch your baby’s clothes.

Our Pick

Kidorable Green Hangers

  • Wooden
  • Hand-painted
  • Hand-crafted
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use 
  • Lead-free 

Best Baby Hangers FAQs

There is a lot of variety and designs available regarding hangers. 

Only some material is fit for some kinds of clothes. In addition, some hangers tend to break or scratch clothes due to their sharp edges.

This is why we curated the best hangers for you that can be safe and sturdy.

If you still need clarification, you can refer to the questions below.

When buying the best hangers for their babies, these are parents’ most frequently asked questions.

These questions will help you have more clarity so you can make better decisions.

Are baby hangers and kid hangers the same?

Baby hangers and kid hangers vary in size. Baby hangers are used for kids aged from 0 to 3 years. Kid hangers are used for babies aged above three years. 

What kind of hangers prevent shoulder bumps in baby clothes?

The large-sized hangers can cause shoulder bumps in baby clothes, so you should avoid them.

How should I put baby clothes on a hanger?

To put baby clothes on a hanger, unzip the clothes and slide both ends of the hanger onto the sleeves and shoulder. Then zip up the dress and hang it in the closet.

Are hangers for babies worth it?

If you want to organize your baby’s clothes in a closet, it is best to invest in some hangers.

Are plastic or velvet hangers better?

Though velvet is a superior material for hangers, people find acrylic more durable and can hold items better.

What is the best material for a hanger?

Premium wood hangers are the best material when it comes to hangers. They are much sturdier and don’t bend, perfect for keeping the clothing structure intact.

Are curved hangers better?

Yes! Curved hangers are always better for every kind of clothing. Their curved arms keep the structure of the garment intact and give them the support they need. 

Are wooden hangers better than plastic hangers?

Yes, wooden hangers are better than plastic hangers. They are sturdier and protect the form of the garment, significantly heavier garments. 

Is hanging or folding better?

It depends entirely on the material. You should hang delicate fabric like silk or satin. And you should fold the stretchy or slinky material.

What is the point of velvet hangers?

Velvet hangers are lightweight, easy to hold, and easy to use. If you have silky fabrics, velvet hangers are great for hanging them without getting slippery. 

Best Baby Hangers For You

By now, you are much more informed about hangers than before. You know which material is better for you and which size of hangers you would prefer. 

You can make an informed decision for your baby and choose the best hanger that fits not only the clothes but also the style.

However, if you want to know more about hangers, you can watch the YouTube video below.

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    Fayleeko Wire Hangers

    • Heavy duty
    • Ultra-thin
    • Steel
    • Durable
  • Budget Pick

    Delta Infant & Toddler Hangers

    • Lightweight
    • Variety in colors
    • Durable
    • Plastic
  • Best Value

    Baby Nest Baby Hangers

    • Velvety finish
    • 16 inches long
    • Firm
    • Sturdy 

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