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Best Baby Dressers That Are Truly Worth The Price 

by Vanessa Foster

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Is opening your baby’s wardrobe a daunting task? Does a pile of clothes roll down every time you open your closet? 

Look at your dresser right now. It’s cluttered and unorganized, making it difficult to find what you need.

Won’t it be great if you could just open up your dresser drawers and pull out exactly what you need? Wouldn’t that make life easier?

With the daily household chores, who has the time for little projects like organizing a dresser?

You have been thinking about organizing it for quite a long time, but you feel drained at the end of the day. 

If you want to save time, money, and frustration from misplacing your thing. Making dressing in the morning easier, and want to enjoy picking clothes for the day, then invest in a nursery dresser organization system!

Babies have many items, including clothes, blankets, bibs, diapers, and diaper-changing accessories. 

Your effort will be reduced by half if everything is organized in a single place. 

Baby dresser keeps all the baby items and accessories organized in one place. 

In this article, we have listed the 5 best baby dressers to make clothes organization easy and fun and not go heavy on pockets. 

How We Choose the Best Baby Dresser 

Parents need something useful yet within the budget for their little ones. Because the items babies are using today will be of no use once they are not babies anymore. 

There are many baby dressers available in the market. However, not all fit according to the baby’s nursery space. 

Baby dressers come in various colors and styles, giving an instant upgrade to the room. It is a must-have baby essential in your baby’s room.

We researched the best dresser, including weight, design, color, and dimensions. 

The factors listed below are considered while choosing the baby dresser:

  • Design 
  • Weight 
  • Color 
  • Storage Capacity 
  • Dimensions 
  • Durability

The factors that fulfill the above checklist are listed below. Let’s look at each one by one to choose the best nursery dressers for your little bundle of joy. 

Million Dollar Baby Classic Tanner


Why We Love It

It is a modern interpretation of a classic piece called the Tanner 6-Drawer Dresser.

The Tanner is the ideal accent piece for all your storage needs. It has distinctive features like leather handles and sophisticated bronze metal foot caps. 

The six roomy drawers have self-closing, ball-bearing drawer glides that are fully extensible. A Warm White finish is offered

What You Should Know

The six roomy drawers have self-closing, ball-bearing unique drawer glides that are fully extensible. A warm white finish is offered.

Each piece is hand-finished using a non-toxic, multi-step staining and painting procedure to highlight its distinct wood tones.

It is constructed from CARB II-compliant MDF and solid American poplar hardwood.

It is combined with the Tanner 3-in-1 Convertible Crib and arrives completely assembled.

Premium Pick

Million Dollar Baby Classic Tanner

  • Sturdy leather handle pulls
  • Durable
  • Modern and stylish
  • Convertible Crib

DaVinci Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser in White Finish


Why We Love It

The Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser is a timeless nursery essential since it is simple and elegant.

It includes three roomy drawers and a changing station for all the baby’s needs. 

The changing pad can be removed whenever you need it. 

The changing station can then showcase the baby’s most precious items or keep frequently used materials close at hand.

Even with a newborn in your arms, accessing the drawers is made simple by the pre-installed euro glides.

What You Should Know

It is the best for your baby, made of sturdy, sustainable New Zealand pinewood and engineered wood that complies with TSCA regulations.

Say goodbye to hazardous substances! 

It is finished with a lead, phthalate-safe, multi-step, non-toxic painting procedure. 

You can feel secure knowing it surpasses CPSC and ASTM International safety standards. 

For added safety, a stop mechanism and anti-tip equipment are included.

The diaper-changing top table is helpful and is big enough to fit clothes. In addition, the wide nursery dresser drawers allow you to carry all the nursery essentials in one place.

Budget Pick

DaVinci Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser in White Finish

  • Removable changing tray 
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Always safe
  • Budget-friendly

Delta Children Simmons Kids SlumberTime Paloma


Why We Love It

Delta Children Simmons baby dresser is among our favorite baby dressers because of its unique design.

This dresser is exquisitely crafted from solid pine and has a hand-distressed, soft-textured finish that gives each piece a unique appearance.

This rustic dresser, made to meet your child’s demands, has two large and smaller drawers to hold all their clothing and accessories.

It also has a removable changing cover.

What You Should Know

Only invest in dressers that meet this need for your kids’ protection.

All Simmons Kids dressers come with a wall anchor. Therefore, Simmons Kids strongly advises anchoring every dresser in your home for further protection. 

It is easy to assemble at home. Always use the assembling guidelines from the manual.

Best Value

Delta Children Simmons Kids SlumberTime Paloma

  • Removable changing top
  • Substantial
  • Dense and durable pine
  • Soft textured finish 

Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser


Why We Love It

With its clean lines and traditional styling, this dresser is a beautiful addition to your modern nursery. 

It is one of the best baby furniture items you can add to a baby nursery.

The sleek design will stand out in your baby or kids’ bedroom or your living space, adding a warm and inviting environment to any space.

The Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser provides traditional storage for the nursery and beyond. 

It has six roomy drawers, smooth metal slides with a safety stop to keep drawers from tumbling out, and clean, crisp lines that will never go out of style. 

It was made to outlive fashion trends and shifting tastes.

What You Should Know

This dresser was designed to suit all of your baby’s storage needs. It has six big drawers with plenty of space for your baby’s essentials. 

With its side-mounted, ball-bearing drawer guides that glide easily, the dresser drawers are simple to operate. 

The baby’s clothes and other nursery supplies can be easily stored and organized. 

In addition, smooth metal slides and safety stops, designed with children’s safety in mind, keep young hands safe from getting hurt.

Our Pick

Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser

  • Sturdy wooden
  • Smooth metal glide
  • Sleek
  • Streamlined Design
  • Smart Storage

Storkcraft Alpine 6-Drawer Dresser


Why We Love It

A contemporary, multi-purpose storage choice that complements any nursery or bedroom design is the Storkcraft Alpine 6-Drawer Double Dresser.

The Alpine is a dependable storage option with simple aesthetics and solid construction.

Durable steel hardware and Euro-glide drawers with safety stops are highlights of this horizontal dresser. 

Backed by a one-year limited guarantee from Storkcraft and helpful customer assistance.

It is designed from wood composites, laminated with a tough, PU-coated surface, and equipped with Euro drawer glides. 

What You Should Know

It will solve your organizing issues with the Alpine six spacious drawers dresser. 

The neutral finishes complement most household furnishings in your bedroom, living room, nursery, or any other area in your home.

The wide nursery dresser allows you to put baby clothes easily and well organized.

The Alpine 6 Drawer Dresser has been rigorously tested to meet or exceed all 

applicable federal safety standards, ensuring your child’s safety.

This 6-drawer dresser is also available in a matching 4-drawer dresser for extra storage or to accommodate a smaller area.

Our Pick

Storkcraft Alpine 6-Drawer Dresser

  • Modern 
  • Large storage
  • Unisex
  • Perfect size
  • ‎Engineered wood
  • Steel hardware

Best Baby Dresser FAQs 

Purchasing a baby dresser can be stressful because there are many options and factors to consider. 

Will it match my nursery design? Will the drawers close properly? How many drawers do I need? What about drawer size

Figuring out where to purchase a dresser for your child’s room can be overwhelming because of all the options. 

At some stores, you may find products that are too expensive or products with inferior quality. 

You want to find something that will match your nursery design but doesn’t fit into your budget. 

Our experts have listed the best dresser in terms of design, weight, durability, material, and national safety standards.

However, if you still have some confusion regarding the baby dresser, then you can read the FAQs listed below: 

How do I choose a baby dresser?

  • Put functionality first. The dresser you ultimately choose to buy must be 100 percent useful in the first place.
  • Take Note of the Floor Space Needed.
  • Think about overall durability.
  • It should complement your aesthetic.

Do you need a dresser in a nursery?

You’ll need a place in the nursery to change the baby’s diapers, store diapering necessities, and arrange the baby’s clothes. Bringing in a nursery dresser is always a top preference. A good nursery dresser will make your life as a new parent much easier.

Can you use a dresser as a baby changing table?

It can easily convert a dresser into a changing table by placing a changing pad on top. While some parents use the changer option that comes with their travel Playard, others use an on-the-go pad on the bed, couch, or floor. 

How much does a good quality dresser cost?

It is challenging to estimate the average price, although a quality dresser that will last at least a few years normally ranges from $150 to $600.

How do you know if a dresser is of good quality?

Easily moving drawers and gliding components. Rub your hand over the finish to feel how even, bubble-free, and smooth it is. It’s best to sand even the interior of drawers neatly.

How can you tell if a dresser is of real wood?

There won’t be any brand-new, gleaming silver screws putting together bits of real wood. It is likely not real wood if there are new screws at any joints, edges, sides, or other locations holding any portion of the piece together.

What is a must-have in nursery furniture?

Despite the limitless design options, a baby crib, bedding, a changing table, and nursery dressers are the top three necessities for a nursery.

How do I choose a nursery dresser?

You must consider a few things before choosing a dresser for the nursery. These include the dresser’s dimensions, capacity for storage, and safety. Then consider various styles, colors, and materials (they must be green guard gold certified) while keeping in mind a budget that seems right to you.

What are the best dressers?

West Elm, Pottery Barn Kids, and Delta Children are well-known brands that make the child-safe, eco-friendly best baby dresser with enough storage space.

 What Should I Put In A Baby’s Dresser?

Although there are no strict guidelines on what should go in a baby dresser, typical things include infant clothes, blankets, crib sheets, sleepers, toys, books, and clothing for the owner, including shoes. Dressers, which can be closed when not in use, will provide you with good storage space for these products.

Best Baby Dresser For You 

Now you know several options for baby dressers and our recommendations. You can choose the one that best meets your needs. 

Babies have a long list of accessories; all of these must be organized in one place to reduce hassle and clutter. 

Our experts have done in-depth research and come up with the best dresser options available in the market that are within budget and look stylish in a baby’s nursery. 

If you want to know more about baby dresser organizing and how to organize efficiently, then you can also watch this YouTube video. 

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    Million Dollar Baby Classic Tanner

    • Durable
    • Modern and stylish
    • Convertible Crib
  • Budget Pick

    DaVinci Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser in White Finish

    • Removable changing table
    • Sturdy
    • Easy to assemble
  • Best Value

    Delta Children Simmons Kids SlumberTime 

    • Removable changing top
    • Substantial
    • Soft textured finish 

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