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Best 3 Wheel Stroller For An Easy, Smooth Ride With Baby

by Wendy Sharp
Best 3 Wheel Stroller

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Being a mom, sometimes you need “me time” and go out with your little ones or run a mile to keep yourself in shape. But it’s hard to leave a newborn alone or with someone else.

With a three-wheeled baby stroller, you can continue your activities at home. Unlike traditional strollers, its sturdiness and maneuverability will allow you to jog while strolling with optimal comfort and safety.

With a three-wheel stroller, you can stroll or shop for your baby while keeping your little ones close. If you’ve been an avid jogger in the past, then the three-wheeled stroller is perfect for bringing you back into your habit. 

Three-wheel strollers with swivel-locked features, 5-point harness car straps, and air-filled tires will provide your baby optimal safety while you maneuver around in different terrains and have a relaxing time in a park.

So whether you are a new mom or want to find a three-wheel stroller that will be easy to stroll and jog in, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Not every stroller can fit everyone’s needs, so we did our research and brought you what you need. So keep reading to find the best 3-wheeled strollers for your little one.

How We Choose the Best 3-Wheel Stroller

There are different kinds of strollers in the market with various prices. However, not all strollers can fit everyone’s needs and pockets. 

You might have heard many people talking or advertisements on TV about which three-wheel stroller is the best for your baby, especially when you’re a jogging enthusiast. 

A good tip is to choose the stroller in terms of features, safety, and stability. And when it comes to jogger strollers, the best that counts is maneuverability.

It is important to note that baby strollers must have a front wheel swivel lock to prevent your stroller from tipping over or lifting.

In addition, they must have 5-point harness seat belts to give your Child optimal protection.

Since jogging can make the baby move, but not with the right stroller, it can perform excellently on all terrains, from smooth roads to rigid rock tracks.

We are here to help you choose the best baby three-wheeled stroller that will provide you with the best features and will not go heavy on your pocket.

We researched extensively, read thousands of reviews, compared similar products, and listed the best features, sturdiness, safety, and stability. 

Below are the factors we considered while choosing the best three-wheeled strollers for your baby.

  • Maneuverability
  • Swivel locked front wheel
  • Stability
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Travel system
  • Compact fold
  • Material
  • Durability 

We have curated the list of the 5 best three-wheeled strollers for you, so let’s check them out one by one.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller


Why We Love It

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 jogging stroller is one of the best three-wheeled strollers in the market that can tackle multiple terrains and is perfect for running activities.

This sophisticated three-wheeled stroller might be more pricey than other strollers, but once you’ve read its awe-inspiring features, you’ll know what this stroller is worth!

With this stroller, you can yes to any outing, whether it’s daily jogging in the morning with your girls, going on mountain tracks, or heading out to a zoo with your family. 

This stroller will not leave you alone.

The magnetic peek-a-boo window will help you keep an eye on your baby or maybe even chit-chat with them while you stroll, guaranteeing a safer connection.

The large bicycle tires will give you a sturdy and smooth ride.

When you’re out of the house, you need a storage basket to keep all your and your baby’s essentials because, with a baby, you never know when you need them.

So this stroller provides you with enough storage space to make your strolling easy for you.

What You Should Know

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 jogging stroller has air-filled rubber tires that ensure smooth rides and running activities; this stroller comes with a suspension system.

It also has an adjustable handlebar which is a perfect fit for parents of every height.

It has six storage pockets and a large cargo basket, allowing you space to carry all your baby gear and travel essentials. 

This three-wheel stroller has a storage basket that is wide enough to carry everything you need.

Moreover, it has a cell phone pocket at the handlebar.

The stroller seat has an ultra-padded compression seat and infinite recline. Your baby can sit upright comfortably or recline back with just one button when it needs a naptime. 

It has air-filled tires and includes an extra large sun canopy with UPF 50+ to protect your Child from the sun, and the magnetic ‘peek and chat’ window keeps your baby cool and visible to you.

This 3-wheel stroller has a swivel-locking wheel, a must for a safer jogging experience and ultra-smooth ride. 

By locking the front wheel, your front wheel won’t turn or lift, and you can unlock it when you need a simple strolling walk.

This stroller will provide maneuverability and stability, whether on the road, in sandy areas, or rocky terrain.

If you want to travel somewhere, you can take this stroller with you because it can be folded in 2 steps into a compact size and is easily portable.

This 3-wheel stroller is compatible with major car seat brands with the use of an infant car seat adapter which is sold separately. 

You can customize it using car seat adapters to make it travel-friendly. It can be used for babies up to 75 lbs. So, the money would pay off.

Premium Pick

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

  • Air-filled rubber tires
  • Large storage basket
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Swivel-locking front wheel
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Infant car seat adapter
  • Ultra-padded compression seat
  • Travel System

Baby Trend Range Stroller


Why We Love It

Baby Trend Range Stroller brings you the best-sophisticated features and optimal comfort at the most reasonable and affordable price. Who wouldn’t love it?

This is a jogging stroller, but it can also accompany parents who like commuting, moving, or traveling. So, if you’re someone who moves places a lot and likes to jog, this stroller is perfect!

Extra features like two cup holders, a multi-position reclining seat, and a storage basket make this lightweight stroller even more attractive.

The fixed front wheel has a lock that makes this stroller maneuverable because you can easily jog or walk safely, depending on the activity.

This jogging stroller also offers the option to buy the baby car seat to make your experience even more travel friendly. 

The smooth and effortless glides will give you an awe-inspiring experience and make you fall in love with it.

What You Should Know

While buying something for your little ones, we need to consider many options to ensure it is safe and won’t cause any injuries. 

This jogging stroller will give you all the features you’re searching for.

This three-wheel stroller includes a locking front swivel wheel which can be locked to tackle harsher terrains or jog. 

It will allow your wheel to turn and move quickly without lifting. It prevents the stroller from tipping over. 

It has a 5-point harness seat which will prevent your baby from bending and moving a lot, thus providing maximum safety. In addition, the seat has padded covers to secure your child comfortably. 

It also has a three-tiered canopy to prevent your baby from the sun’s harmful rays and a foot-activated rear brake system.

This jogging stroller can create a travel system by easily folding it into a compact size to make it portable. With this stroller, you can also create a travel system by adding an infant car seat through car seat adapters sold separately.

It has two cup holders and a large storage basket to make scrolling more accessible and convenient for parents. In addition, the ergonomic shape earns bonus points for this stroller. Too much in little money, right?

It has a multi-position seat recline. This jogging stroller can carry your child from 6-50 pounds and is a maximum of 42 inches tall.

Budget Pick

Baby Trend Range Stroller

  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Foot-activated rear brake system
  • Locking swivel front wheel
  • Air-filled rubber tires
  • Lightweight stroller
  • Parent tray
  • Two cup holders

Baby Jogger Citi Mini Jogging Stroller


Why We Love It

Do you want to go jogging with your baby but need to know which stroller to use? Baby Jogger Citi Mini is the best jogging stroller to help you have your’ me’ time with your baby.

You can carry it around in a sandy area or rough rigid terrains. Its sophisticated features will guarantee easy rides and maneuverability. 

Jogging strollers like Baby Jogger Citi Mini provide maximum comfort and ease in all kinds of terrains, unlike other strollers, which is why you will love it. 

With this three-wheel stroller, you can enjoy your time with your activities, and your baby will also enjoy the rides and world outside. So it’s a win-win for both!

These 3-wheel strollers are compatible with infant car seats.

Since safety is the number one feature we worry about the most for our little ones, this jogging stroller has a 5-point harness and can weigh your Child up to 65 pounds.

What You Should Know

This Baby Jogger Citi Mini is the best 3-wheel stroller to carry a baby up to 65 pounds. 

The all-wheel suspension provides you with an incredible all-terrain high performance. In addition, it gives a comfortable experience on all kinds of terrain, making you fall in love with it. 

This jogging stroller has a seat, a deep recline, and an air ventilation panel. It has an adjustable handlebar and hand-operated parking brake. 

The air-filled tires provide you to move independently and maneuver through all kinds of terrains. In addition, the suspension system allows you to stroll comfortably on any terrain.

You can customize your ride in four different styles with accessories sold separately, such as an infant car seat, glider board, pram, parent console, child tray, and much more.

It is lightweight, so you can easily jog around in it. This stroller has a lockable front swivel wheel and weighs 21.6 pounds.

Moreover, this jogging stroller can carry up to 65 pounds. 

It comes with a seat 21 inches high and 14.5 inches tall. In addition, this stroller also has a footrest that is 9 inches high. The front wheel is stable enough to move without lifting the stroller.

It is compact fold and has auto-lock, making it easy to carry and transport.

Best Value

Baby Jogger Citi Mini Jogging Stroller

  • Polyester fabric and rubber material
  • Air-filled tires
  • Hand-operated parking brake
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Compatible with infant car seat
  • Suspension system
  • Compact fold
  • Travel system

Britax B-Lively Jogger Stroller


Why We Love It

This lightweight jogger stroller has earned its spot for ‘our pick’ due to its unique and amazing features making it just the right option for your baby.

This 3-wheel stroller is made of high-quality breathable material, has air-filled tires, and sun protection which benefits and protects you in various seasons and weathers. 

Unlike traditional strollers, this jogger stroller is safe to use and provides maximum comfort to your baby. 

Moreover, it is compatible with Britax infant car seats. The wheel suspension system soaks the shock, giving you smooth maneuverability and leisurely rides, and they are super easy to move around.

The comfortable seat of the stroller is safe to use, and your baby will love the quality of the fabric against their skin. Great for naptime!

What You Should Know

To have a smooth everyday stroller ride with your baby, Britax B-Lively 3-wheel Stroller is an excellent stroller with the best features and build-up.

It is lightweight, making it easy to move around even when jogging. This jogging stroller also includes all-wheel suspension. 

It has a ventilated sun canopy that will protect your baby from harmful sun rays and keep them cool while ensuring your baby breathes comfortably.

It is compact and can be quickly folded, making it easy to go. Also, the adapter will make this stroller compatible with this car seat, so it is safe to say it is also travel-friendly.

The jogging stroller seat reclines backward to make naptime comfortable and snuggly for your baby and includes a storage basket. It is also a durable stroller.

This jogging stroller has foam-filled tires and can carry a maximum of 55 pounds.

Our Pick

Britax B-Lively Jogger Stroller

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to fold
  • Sun canopy
  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Jogger and stroller mode
  • Front swivel wheel

Graco FastAction Fold Sport Travel System


Why We Love It

This is one of the best three-wheel baby strollers with baby-trend car seats. Your favorite travel system companion!

Its structure and features are unique and sturdy and provide you with the best experience and smooth strolls.

This travel system stroller has a one-step, secure attachment of the car seat to the stroller to make your traveling easy. 

It has some commendable sophisticated features like a parent tray and cup holders that will make you fall in love with it!

Because grabbing your coffee from cup holders is what every go-to mom needs.

What You Should Know

Unlike some three-wheel baby strollers, these strollers contain all the features you’re looking for. This stroller provides comfort to you and your baby!

This lightweight stroller holds up a maximum weight of up to 50 pounds.

The travel system stroller features a one-second fold, ideal for moms who are always on the go. So it is portable and easy to use.

It also has a multi-position reclining seat. The reclining seat allows your baby to relax and nap while you enjoy your stroll.

It includes a parent tray with cup holders. Cup holders allow convenience to parents to carry the coffee, tea, or water bottles with them in an easy-to-grab position while they are on a stroll.

Parents mostly look for the convenience of a stroller and baby-trend car seats, so these strollers with travel systems have excellent baby-trend car seats.

It has a front wheel swivel lock. The Child’s seat is attached to a child tray containing cup holders. This stroller has a canopy with a zippered extension.

The travel system stroller has two big rear wheels at the back and two rear wheels at the front, closely attached to make a single wheel. This allows easier maneuverability and smooth glides.

The infant car seat is up to 32 inches and can carry 4-35 pounds of your little one.

Our Pick

Graco FastAction Fold Sport Travel System

  • Cup holders
  • Parent tray
  • Travel system
  • Infant car seat

Best 3-Wheel Strollers FAQs

Finding the best three-wheel strollers can be challenging because they have sophisticated features, and there is so much variety in the market that you may think about which one is ideal and fits your needs.

The numerous options can allow you to choose from different styles and features to decide the one that fits perfectly for you and your baby.

Whether you’re looking for a 3-wheel stroller to stroll casually or a jogging stroller, there are various options in the market to meet your needs. 

A good stroller is easy to carry and has a twist-hand brake and wheel lock mounted. 

If you’re still wondering which three-wheel stroller is best for your baby, we have gathered a list of questions that might clear your mind and help you decide exactly what you need.

These FAQs will answer most of the questions that you have in mind.

Is a three-wheel or four-wheel stroller better?

There are different purposes for three-wheel and four-wheel strollers. The difference comes in maneuverability and where you use these strollers. In addition, these strollers have larger back wheels offering more stability. 

They are easy to move, especially on rough terrain. If you want to jog with your baby in a stroller, a 3-wheel stroller is the best option since it has a swivel front wheel lock. 

However, a four-wheel stroller offers more stability and sturdiness. 

At what age do you no longer need a stroller?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a stroller or double stroller for twins should only be used for toddlers till three years of age. After that, parents should stop using strollers for toddlers. 

What can I use instead of 3-wheel strollers?

Instead of 3-wheel strollers, you can use baby carriers. Baby carriers allow you to carry your baby hands-free while you carry your daily chores.

Can you walk a newborn in a stroller?

As long as your newborn is ready, you can carry them in a stroller. However, the stroller should have specific features such as head and neck support locked swivel front wheel, and it is only recommended to carry newborns in the stroller for a shorter period.

At what age can a baby sit in a front-facing stroller?

When your little one grows to age 6-9 months, they will be more interested in their surroundings and look at the world around them. Your baby can then use a front-facing stroller.

What is the best three-wheel stroller?

The best three-wheel stroller is safe and comfortable to use. It has a robust harness system and air-filled tires and offers a smooth ride. It has a swivel wheel that will give you enough stability. 

Many parents prefer the Classic Jogging Stroller or Graco Infant Jogger Stroller, which can be adjusted with Graco Infant car seats.

Why do some strollers need 3 wheels?

Some strollers have 3 wheels to improve their suspension. It improves their maneuverability, gives a smooth ride, and lightens their weight. The 3 wheel strollers are great for activities such as jogging and pushing.

Why are three-wheeler strollers useful for jogging?

Three-wheel jogging strollers are helpful for jogging because they can travel smoothly on different terrain. The jogging strollers have swivel wheels, making them easy to move, you can change direction smoothly, and they are also lightweight. 

Do 3-wheel strollers tip over?

The two large wheels on the back provide increased stability, so three-wheel strollers are less likely to tip over. Different 3-wheel strollers, such as Baby Jogger City and Baby Jogger Summit, do not tip over.

Are 3-wheel strollers safe?

Yes, three-wheel strollers are safe to use. They are easy to maneuver in all terrains and give you a smooth ride. The large back wheels provide increased stability. The air-filled tires give your baby a smooth ride over bumpy surfaces. 

There is one thing, however, which is essential to note: the front wheel must have a locking feature. With no locking feature, you might lose track.

Best 3-Wheel Strollers for Your Baby

By now, you must have gathered enough information to make an informed decision in purchasing the ideal three-wheel stroller for your baby.

We did our research, read thousands of reviews, and brought you the best 5 three-wheel strollers for your baby.

If you still want to explore other options, click on the video below.

Our Top Picks

  • Premium Pick

    BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

    • Air-filled rubber tires
    • Large storage basket
    • All-wheel suspension system
    • Swivel-locking front wheel
  • Budget Pick

    Baby Trend Range Stroller

    • Multi-position
    • 5-point safety harness
    • Foot-activated rear brake system
    • Swivel front wheels
  • Best Value

    Baby Jogger Citi Mini

    • Polyester fabric and rubber material
    • Air rubber tires
    • Hand-operated parking brake
    • Adjustable handlebar

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