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Are Baby Push Toys Bad for Walking?

by Wendy Sharp
Are Baby Push Toys Bad for Walking?

It’s a question every parent has asked themselves at some point: are baby push toys bad for walking?

After all, those little push toys, cars or tricycles seem like they would get in the way more than they would help, right?

Wrong! Baby push toys are actually great for helping your little one learn how to walk.

Here’s why.

  1. Baby push toys help your child practice their balance.
  2. Baby push toys give your child a sense of independence.
  3. Baby push toys are a great way to get your child moving.


So, there you have it! Baby push toys are great for helping your child learn how to walk.

Not only will they help your child practice their balance, but they’ll also give them a sense of independence.

Plus, they’re just plain fun! So go ahead and let your little one play with their favorite baby push toy – it’s good for them!

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